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  • JCB
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2021
    • 117

    Tbh have two all time faves Wiki Looner blowing up a red Tuftex 17 custom print in woods & Liliith Love Blows & Blows & Blows. Btp a big red balloon she's good, she's hot & she's sexy


    • b loony
      Senior Member
      • Oct 2018
      • 104

      Red fairy 24 qualatex and Lisa torissi 2 blown to pop :both now deleted


      • Ardov3275
        Junior Member
        • Mar 2024
        • 26

        Originally posted by Bott0ms_Up
        Just browsing through YT and realised that I tend to go back to the same videos quite a lot, there's one in particular I enjoy watching which is this one:

        What's your favourite?
        This is probably also my favorite, or one of them. Last year my wife and I were in a hotel, check out day arrived and still had 8-10 balloons inflated. She said we couldn't pop them because of the noise they would make, but shouldn't leave them inflated. We had no scissors, but only a nail clipper. So I pulled out the neck while she nipped a little hole in the neck. Then, as that one was deflating, she grabbed another, pull out the neck for me to nip. A few she squeezed as they deflated, some where just slowly dying on the bed or floor. And yes, we had another quickie before checking out.


        • Kajapo
          • Oct 2021
          • 31


          Watching this used to terrifies me while super turned on as a teenager. I was terrified because balloons to me, is like a childhood friend. To see the girls popping my beloved toy scares me..

          But that too, excites me. No balloons were spared!