So, buying balloons from shops or supermarkets

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  • Pastel
    Looner Skunk
    • Aug 2021
    • 150

    I mainly dont buy from shops because they sell only really small and bad quality balloons here and also I mostly want balloons with prints and thats a whole lot easier to get while shopping online


    • Kitten
      Senior Member
      • Jul 2023
      • 170

      We often buy them from shops. They're not as good as stuff we get online, but the unpredictability is quite fun. No one suspects a thing. Why would they? Plenty of people buy balloons. They wouldn't sell them if not. I sometimes get a bit embarrassed when we go in and just buy a packet on its own, but no one asks questions. Mistress even told them once what we were going to do with them to embarrass me and they didn't care.

      I did feel a bit awkward buying a bunch of inflatables on a cold rainy day though. No one questioned that either.


      • Scooter
        Senior Member
        • May 2022
        • 234

        I never bought pre-inflated because I still lived with my parents at the time, and the places I could buy them from were either a large distance away, or were my workplace, meaning all of coworkers would see me buy them, and naturally ask. And since my parents shopped there often, they would probably be asked about them too. In short, the amount of windows of opportunity for me to buy them was very small, and even then figuring out the logistics of how to get a large quantity of them back was too tricky for me to bother with.

        If I had a car now, it wouldn't be an issue, but unfortunately now my only option would be taking public transport and walking with them past houses of people who would recognize me. Not quite as bad, but still not enough I can feel totally comfortable doing that, irrational or not.

        Now, a bag of uninflated balloons is fine. Was nervous buying them the first time (because it was my first ever experience buying balloons), but it's easy enough for me to throw some in with my order and place them in a shopping bag. I just don't do it often because I'd rather buy larger balloons online.


        • Biggerisbetter
          Junior Member
          • May 2023
          • 18

          Buying in person is fun. I was lucky to find a store that sells qualatex, tuftex, and sempertex balloons. They had 24 and 36 inch balloons as well. The owner there is really nice.


          • dawgbone818
            • May 2022
            • 36

            When I buy balloons from stores I usually buy some inexpensive birthday candles along with them. That way it looks like I'm buying them for a birthday party. If the store has a self checkout then I will ring up my items there.


            • loonypirate20
              • Oct 2020
              • 39

              I would say that the only potentially suspicious people I might have encountered are those present when my fiancé and I get many packs with themes that don't match each other. Usually, if we get balloons at Party City or Target, we get whatever my fiancé gets excited about (if she's excited about balloons, I have absolutely no problem getting whatever she wants) and her preferences are varietal. Even then, there has been no obvious reaction from any clerks. I will admit to spreading out my purchases to multiple stores so I don't become a "regular," but whenever I go to places like Party City, I usually only get balloons.

              The only time I have gotten any sort of reaction was going to a new dollar store in town and buying like 10 or 12 packs of their balloons (I like the cheap polka dot balloons). The clerk made a comment about how I was buying a lot of balloons and, honestly, I would have, too, if I were in her shoes. However, she didn't ask about them and I went about my day.

              As many have already said, some people might notice but, for the most part, won't really care or think too much of it. With places like Party City, where party supplies are their main exports, it shouldn't be that weird that people are buying balloons. I used to worry about not getting extra stuff to "hide my purchases," but I eventually realized that sometimes people go last minute shopping for one thing. It's not weird for someone to just buy balloons; I am sure people without balloon fetishes do it all the time.


              • BlowPlayPop
                Senior Member
                • Dec 2023
                • 226

                I used to feel really embarrassed about buying balloons for myself from shops, but managed to get past it. One day I realised I had no problem with it if there was a 'legitimate' reason for buying them (my kids birthdays for example). It occurred to me that for the cashier, there is no difference. They have no idea what the balloons are going to be used for, so it makes no difference to them; a sale is a sale. The issue was my guilt. I knew that if buying them for me, I was going to be pleasuring myself with, or using them during sex, which felt wrong for some reason. This in turn, caused me to look at the way I view my fetish. I have since accepted it and embraced it fully (with the help of forums like this), and now look forward going down the party decorations aisle of the supermarket while I do the weekly shop, and choosing a few packs of balloons to enjoy. You could say in a round about way that buying balloons over the counter has helped me to normalise and accept my own balloon kink.


                • Slow DeFlaite
                  Senior Member
                  • Apr 2023
                  • 238

                  I used to Buy Huge 36" punchball balloons for .99 cents back in the Day. I was 12 years old with a paper route so I spent A LOT of Money on Balloons! Sometimes the Punchball was already inflated nice big full & Tight inside a Netted cage. Sometimes they were uninflated in a glass fish bowl on the counter. I ALWAYS wondered what the Checkout girls thought But didn't care.
                  One day I went in and Bought a "Heather Thomas" bikini Poster and a HUGE Box of Kleenex for $5.49.
                  The Checkout Lady said, "I sure Hope You're going to Have 'Your Fun with that when You get home pervert!" I was so Glad She put it together so I think she knew about the Balloons too but SO WHAT? It didn't stop Me from buying them THERE. In fact I kept buying them THERE until they quit selling them. Just pay for your stuff with a Smile on your face OR use "Self Checkout" if You are that shy.


                  • heliumsitr68
                    Senior Member
                    • Nov 2021
                    • 354

                    lol !!!
                    Popper ! I love helium balloons


                    • Golden
                      Senior Member
                      • Jun 2022
                      • 207

                      I buy those supermarket balloons to pop, there cheap don't cost alot. great for that urge I get sometime to dive into the popping side of the fetish.


                      • BlowPlayPop
                        Senior Member
                        • Dec 2023
                        • 226

                        Sometimes I like to go into a random pound shop/discount store and get the a few of the biggest bags of the cheapest, nastiest looking balloons I can see. Worst case; they are good for filling a room with an having a popping spree. Occasionally I've found some real random gems which have been surprisingly good quality bargains.

                        A card shop near me used to sell random assorted old balloons in food bags at a discount. They were once decent quality branded 11" balloons (not sure what brand), but were old and past their shelf live. Blowing them up was what I called 'Balloon Russian Roulette'. They looked OK on the surface but would pop anywhere between a single breath and full size. Great fun!


                        • lucid
                          Senior Member
                          • Sep 2016
                          • 246

                          Originally posted by Azurefox

                          I watched a youtube video once. It was basically a study of what would happen if you walked in a university lecture with let's say a rediculous looking shirt. To cut to the chase, you'll catch some eyes but at the end of the day, people are not gonna remember that the next day. Every person is in the world is self-centric but we don't realize that other people don't really care unless we push our way of life on them. I wouldn't do it in my area cause people know who I am but... In a larger urban centre I would gladly get a bunch of helium balloons. I know people are gonna look at me; but it's gonna be of admiration.

                          I know this. So when you say it's irrational , it's 100% correct. I',m always going to worry that people may find out about the fetish. Still, The balloon fetish is not really well known so people will not make that assumption.

                          PS: I'm going to take this opportunity say: Please do not go on shows hosted by mainstream media talking about your love. Mainstream media is like the "cool kid" in the class that only wants ratings at our expense. I've seen "documentaries" of looners on the discovery channels. They are NOT on our side, please don
                          t do it
                          Mainstream media is the enemy of the people in general and enemy to the looner community specifically lol. I 2nd this. Just don't do it! I did see a looner interview done by a camgirl recently and it was magnificent. Dude had a solid performance. If you're here, ya done us proud! This, is the way.


                          • LoudPop
                            Senior Member
                            • Sep 2018
                            • 141

                            I've bought 20 to 30 bags of balloons at Dollar stores on many occasions and only had a couple of comments from the cashier about how many balloons. I'd say "Yes, I'm having a big party." and that was it. I don't think anyone really cares; we tend over think this too much. I've been more embarrassed buying condoms and lube living here in the "Bible belt".


                            • Blue548
                              • Sep 2015
                              • 99

                              I actually bought some balloons at Asda today. It never really bothers me much since balloons are just an inanimate object to most people. If the cashier makes a comment like 'so you're throwing a party then?" 99 % of the time it's just small talk. The only time someone would notice would be perhaps if they're a looner themselves which is highly improbable. Plus there's always self checkouts.