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  1. Vicci
    31-08-2021 11:01 AM
    The user titles are just based on number of posts and have no bearing on restrictions (you can set your own title in your control panel):
    Junior 0-29 posts
    Member 30-99 posts
    Senior Member 100+ posts

    As for functionality restrictions, that's briefly covered in the welcome thread - I'm not going to post exact details as it was put in place to prevent the mountains of spam we used to get, revealing the requirements to get past them will make the spammers lives easier.
  2. 7balloon
    31-08-2021 01:00 AM
    Hi Vicci. Thanks again for this website. I absolutely love it. I like that you restrict members to levels and access to functions. I was curious if there a way to send a private message to a junior member? Also, I like being labeled a senior member. If only because it boosts my ego to be a senior member of a group I like so much.

    If you have time, could you let me know how to move from junior to regular member to senior and what privileges come with each? It might encourage shy people to post more, which I think would be great.

    Otherwise, Have a great day and you have a made a difference in my life.


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