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Default A 'Looner' game i came up with and had to share...
Its been a long time since i posted but I was bored and thought up an awesome looner game that involves all the suspense and fun we looners love, so i thought i would share. Im into b2p and s2p so mainly based around this but feel free to come up with other fun inclusions.

So heres my idea:

Each player starts sitting on an underinflated 24" loon, just enough to be lifted off the ground using your full weight. Each players loon is connected to a hand pump. placed in the middle is a 'twister' style spin wheel. Each player takes it in turns to spin the wheel and has to carry out the task the spinner lands on. the winner is the last one sitting on an inflated loon.

Ideas for the spin wheel:
3pump (choose a player)
Everyone 12" btp race (looser pumps their loon by 3)
12" btp challenge (challenge a player to a btp race, looser pumps loon by 3)
switch loon (choose a player to switch their 24" loon with)
Wild Card

Ideas for the 'wild' cards:
connect a 16" loon to a hand pump, each player inflates the loon with 3 pumps then passes to the left. whoever pops the loon has to inflate their 24" by 3pumps.
Everyone switch their 24" loons with the person to the left of them.
Race the clock: player has to btp a 12" in under a minute. inflate 24" by 3 if lost.
Double Stuff btp race. choose 3 players to double stuff 16" loons to btp. looser inflates by 3.
Longest neck. Whoever currently has the longest neck chooses someone to inflate by 2.
Everyone pumps their loon by 6.

Okay so here are just a few ideas. the idea is to create a sense of randomness and suspense. so what are your wheel and wild card ideas?
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Default Re: A 'Looner' game i came up with and had to share...
That. Is...... AWESOME! Milton Bradley MB could make billions off that & turn the world into a planet of looners! Brilliant concept, so far!
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