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Default Introduction! :D
(REIntroduction...i've forgot i already introduced myself in the past.)

Hi guys! I'm a non-popper from Montreal, Quebec. I'm 27 years old and my favorite brand is Tuff-Tex (i've bought a bunch of primary color balloons (Red, Blue and Yellow) and i just love that mix of color ^^)

Also i'm an artist and make pictures featuring one of my favorite character i've ever created: Sweet Giggle.

Sweet Giggle is anything she can be but her primary form is a blue dragon with rainbow coloured fairy wings.

But she can also turn into a Dolphin (I LOVE DOLPHINS!) a pony or a human.

I also love clowns (specifically the cute ones who blow Qualatex or Tuff Tex balloons for fun. There was a time i wanted a clown party with friends but that plan fell through the worst possible way: Not a single soul show up at the meeting spot.)

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Default Re: Introduction! :D
Welcome, you'll love it here
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Default Re: Introduction! :D
Hi Luirio, welcome to the group.
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