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Default Re: Floating on a GL 1200
I really, really need to try this
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Default Re: Floating on a GL 1200
Oh,wow! I'd forgotten Id commented on this thread ages ago! Shortly after, my new girlfriend made me delete my account to prove to her i was committed...she was crazy self conscious & had numerous mental issues & was hooked on adderall She only just left me & my heart was broken because i really cared about her....but i guess she did me a HUGE favor by leaving me because she would have just dragged me down with her....though i am pissed the she stole two bags of my Q16s that contained at least 40 balloons. but i forgive her! I hope her & her new boyfriend enjoy them! I regret deleting my was for all the wrong reasons...but im so glad to be back amongst all my balloon friends! Everyone here is so wonderful! It feels like i never left!
Wow! That felt GREAT to get out! Sorry for getting so personal & off topic But now that I'm free, being that she took up every single moment of my time, I can get back to all the balloony stuff i used to do! & first on my list is definitely going out to my lake & having some fun floating on balloons!!!
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