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Default Re: Sleeping on inflatables
Wow, big inflationist! How did you not jizz all over that big ball over night!
As for me i love sleeping on inflatables. I sleep on an intex, double tier inflatable airbed with it's patented "air lock" ; guaranteed no leaks from the factory! It's wonderful! It has its own built in air pump. Just plug it into the wall & blow her up! But my problem is i have it ALWAYS over inflated super tight, but luckily im a slender person & i don't weigh much...but man,oh,man has that thing stretched over the months! Its sooo much bigger than when i first got it! All the warnings & safety instructions written on the side are all stretched & distorted from over inflation! It's like sleeping on a big balloon! It even looks like a big balloon,lol! I freakin love it! I hope it doesn't spring a leak! But part of the fun is not knowing if & when my bed is gonna pop! I've had it for about 6 months over inflated & so far so good! No leaks yet!
One thing is for is definitely difficult to sleep sometimes with a constant, raging boner in my pants...but i guess that's part of the fun!
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