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Default The PERFECT bang
So quick question. What is the most perfect sounding balloon pop that you can remember-- or you have seen? I was at home from work today and had 2 balloons with me in my truck. Somebody mentinoed to me about a new method of balloon popping that I was just aching to try, so that's what I was up to. I was actually outside and standing between my house and my neighbors house. I wasn't thinking about it, but it was the perfect set-up for the perfect bang. After trying to unsuccessfully pop these two balloons for a minute, I kinda just gave up and decided to just nail pop them and go about my day. But boy was I wrong! They were 2 generic polka-dot blue and pink 12"ers that I got from the dollar store. Which by the way, I recently did a little test on my own and found out that this particular brand when overinflating or BTPing are actually louder than U16's, and as loud or louder than Tuf-tex 17"s popped by the same method. Anyways, I nail popped them at the same time. When these suckers went off, it was like there were suddenly 2 beautiful flowers of pink and blue latex that just appeared in my hands. Following that, was 2 huge bangs right in quick successions that rang between the 2 houses. And when I mean huge bang, I mean LOUD booms that were followed by 2 cracking echos or "after-pops" right behind it. I was scared, I was shocked I was thrilled, and got such a huge rush. More importantly I was instantly hard. I can't stop thinking about it all day. I can think of a couple of other "perfect pops" off the top of my head but can anyone else think of something similar?
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Old 02-07-2017, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: The PERFECT bang
Once I popped a pastel blue tuf tex 24 on a helium tank. it shred popped with the loudest bang I ever heard in my life... BOOM. I think it was head from over a mile away. I counted over 150 pieces.
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Old 03-07-2017, 04:15 AM
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Default Re: The PERFECT bang
I remember, at least a couple of decades ago, I was home alone one evening. I was lying down on the couch in the loungeroom and blew up a 12 inch white balloon with a bank advertising print on it. Without any intention of a blow to pop it shattered in thousands of tiny pieces when it was well overinflated! The fascinating thing about the burst was that i could see lots of these tiny pieces shower down from above. This was during a time when i was breaking my fear of balloons bursting and other loud noises, that image will stick with me forever!
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Old 23-07-2017, 01:57 PM
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Default Re: The PERFECT bang
I can remember two stories about that:

First was after a new years eve party.
I planed to try some B2P when I go home after the party. So I took some advertising balloons and earplugs with me.
When I went home, I left the way and went behind some bushes so nobody would see me.
Then I blew the balloons until they popped.
There were several great bangs with a nice echo.

Second was at a parking lot between two buildings.
On one side of the parking lot was the wall of a storehouse, on the other side two supermarkets.
I was there with my cousin and while we drove past there he found two advertising balloons in my car.
I started talking about these balloons and that I really wanted to know how big they would get but couldn't because I am afraid of blowing balloons until they pop.
He said that he would have a try and started to blow up the first balloon as we left the car.
I was really, really nervous because I was still very phobic back that time.
The balloon, by the way an orange one, got bigger and its neck longer and I popped with a loud bang that was echoing several times all over the place.
Although I was very afraid of the popping it was quite a "beautiful", powerful sound with that echo.
Then I asked him to blow the second balloon which ended with the same nice bang...
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