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Default Q24s
So curious how much would someone be willing to pay for a single of multiple bags of (5 pieces) Q24s. Un opened. I just found about 15 bags in my stash, and the thought occurred they are no longer for sale, so how much could I really get for them.
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Default Re: Q24s
Saw new ones for 1.4€ /pcs. I assume they will be more expansive as soon as they out of stock
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Default Re: Q24s
Another thing to keep in mind is balloon deterioration over time. The chemicals will leach out, thus the balloons become brittle and will prematurely pop when inflating. I have two bags of 25 pc onyx black Q24's with one half used, but they have all leached. Just something to consider. Check if your bags have gone oily and mushy, if so, that's not a good sign.
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