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Default Re: Why don't you pop 'loons?
Literally due to a traumatic experience as a parents used to burst them because they knew I enjoyed them. To my tiny child brain they were killing my friends and protecters. That instilled a massive phobia I have to this day still can't do parties. Eventually balloons turned into a sexual fetish but I still use balloons as a comfort today despite being 34 I still have to sleep with a balloon or, as I am now, sat in my chair with a 16 unique. It makes me happy. So it's 50% comfort 50% sexual attraction. Only one person on this earth can burst my balloons and that's my wife. And only she can do it in a way that does not traumatise me. She may not be a looner but damn she's good with balloons.
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Default Re: Why don't you pop 'loons?
At the risk of repeating what others say, it's simply because:

1) I hate loud noises (e.g. fireworks, et al), so balloon-pops are something I actively avoid, at every possible stage.

2) I hate balloons being wasted, by being popped. It feels to me, like an unnecessary waste of the balloon, that I would rather treasure it.

3) The only time I get rid of a balloon, is once it's dangerously oxidised or doesn't seem like it will last very much longer, or someone has overinflated it to the point that I worry it'll pop, or if a balloon can't be saved and/or reused. At that point, I carefuly cut-off the knot, deflate the balloon, and discard it in the bin.
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