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Default A day in the life of
By no means am I a writer however I figured id have a stab at it...

It's been years since I've been to any of my friends parties despite having been invited on several occasions. The reason? Simple! A crippling fear of party balloons, specifically the rubber ones! This all comes from a fear of loud noises as a child. Strange though really because as I grew older I got used to things like fireworks and other loud noises. Obviously I'll still jump if something crazy loud happens when I'm not expecting it, but for some reason if I see balloons anywhere when I'm out and about then my chest instantly tightens and I feel like I'm about to have some sort of panic attack whilst my mind frantically scrambles to find the nearest way out! I might add at this point that while this reaction is a dead cert each time I spot balloons in public, it seems to manifest much worse when there are females present!

So obviously, as somebody growing up in the age of technology, in my younger years I scoured the Internet in search of answers, and it wasn't long before I found them. So now I'm aware of what this phenomenon is however im still helplessly controlled by it. I'd try to pacify it privately when I could be alone, try to teach myself not to care or be as bothered about it. It didn't work, this thing is embedded deep inside me, it's part of who I am! So all that's left for me to do is try to minimise the number of encounters that I'm likely to find myself in where there are balloons but more importantly girls and balloons! As you can probably imagine, this has not been the easiest thing to achieve what with balloons being a staple of most celebrations/festivities. Hell the things are used in everyday life whether it be advertising in a shop, decorating, or just for the plain fun of it! And most people, if not all people in my imediate surroundings have no idea of this strange psychological phenomenon or the effect it can have on somebody whom suffers from it.

Now here I am talking about this thing like it's some sort of medical condition that I suffer from and have to live with, but you and I both know that once you realise what it is exactly, that there is a great deal of pleasure that can be derived from it privately. The problem of course is just that! PRIVATELY! This isn't the kind of pleasure you can receive in a public place! So I don't know about you but for me this caused a lot of embarrassment and inner conflict! How could I get so excited from something that not only seems to have no effect on others around me but also seems so silly!? People would think i was a freak! It made me feel awful and I'd be damned if I was going to share this personal information with anybody, hense just trying to stay out of these situations!

During the course of my growing up, of course there would be situations in school that were completely unavoidable. If balloons were used in a lesson I would be hugely uncomfortable. Sometimes it would be a science experiment, this would be slightly less of an issue as these usually involved one or two balloons being inflated or deflated by a teacher (usually male, ergo - no problem) but as soon as other students were asked to engage in activities involving balloons, BIG problem! Girls making balloons go bang on purpose meant that I needed to get the he'll out of there as fast as my legs would take me! As you can imagine art class was a nightmare when papier-mashe was involved! At this point it was still mainly due to fear of loud noises but as I grew older and learned about my "fetish", I realised that my particular kink involved members of the opposite sex purposely trying to cause mischief by way of creating fear in people whom showed weakness. Another reason to never let on, you know kids can be cruel!

Fast forward a few years. I'm out of school and apart from missing out on birthday parties, I've managed to get by without too many major issues. There were a few social outings with groups of similarly aged kids where balloons would be involved, I witnessed a girl whom I had no strong emotional feelings towards purposely blow a burger king balloon up until she burst it which was difficult at the time despite not having *any real feelings for her. There was also a Christmas lights switch on event where there was a balloon drop which obviously ended up with plenty of people my age and adults, girls included running around purposely stomping on the balloons, creating a noise I'll likely never forget. These were destressing times and as I'm sure you're aware, the nature of the psychology of this thing meant that lacking emotional ties or "not fancying" any of these girls did not make it any easier! But hey Ho, *on the whole I had survived. This is where it gets tricky!

So I've left school, I'm 16 and I'm working as a kitchen porter in a local hotel. It's not *bad work for 16, I mean it's crap but I'd never had so much money and the girls that work there waiting on and working the bar are absolutely gorgeous! One of which I went to primary school with but whom went to private school when we moved up to secondary. She's blonde, around 5.4ft and absolutely beautiful! However, due to the way I grew up, I'm shy as hell and *not likely to strike up a conversation with her or any of these other beautiful young women! This hotel did everything you'd expect a hotel to do. Birthday dinners, weddings, private functions, you name it, they'd cater to it, and working in the kitchen I was at the heart of the activity. So you can imagine my horror when I find out that it's usually the hotel that provide the decor and even when not, 9 times out of 10 the clients would leave their decor behind thus leaving it up to the waiting on staff to clean it all up!*

The first time it happened I was in the kitchen alone finishing up. I'd usually have my headphones at this point as the chefs had all left and the waiting staff would all be in the restaurant cleaning up preparing for the next days service. Today however, I'd left them at home having been in a rush to get to work! There were three girls working the resturaunt that night, it was a quietish night except for a party of 24 in for a 40th birthday party. I was putting the last few trays of crockery through the machine and returning them to their respective shelves near the tea station by the door to the restaurant when I heard a noise I'd not mistake for anything else! 6 evenly pronounced loud but slightly muffled pops came from the other side of the door. My heart sank, my entire body instantly started shaking and I felt like the temperature of my skin just dropped a few degrees. I stood there alone in shock for what felt minuites when suddenly another 6 loud but muffled pops, bang - bang - pop - bang - pop - pop! *My mind started racing as to which of the three girls it could be. No one had come into the kitchen for around 15/20 minutes, I could feel my member pressing rock hard up against my briefs inside my loose fitting trousers. My blood was pumping fast, my heart racing! BANG - BANG - POP - BANG - POP - BANG! Another 6, much sharper and louder this time and then the door swung open in front of me. Vallery, a medium height 20 year old brunette with what can only described as ample bosom nearly walked straight into me. "Sorry" I stammered, she smiled up at me "You still here Curly? Sorry, I Thought you'd be gone by now! I didn't expect anyone to be in here!" She was carrying a mess of ribbon and what was left of some metallic red and blue balloons in one hand and a pen and some more colourful shards in the other. "Just finishing up in there, pretty much all done now, just need to get rid of the rest of these" she held her hands out in front of her as my heart skipped a beat again. "Fair play" I muttered, my eyes now fixed firmly on the floor as I started to walk back to the pot wash area. I rarely made eye contact with people as it was at that age, especially *not members of the opposite sex. Vallery walked back into the restaurant and I carried on with the the last rack of dishes. By the time I'd swept and mopped the floor, I'd heard another 12 muffled bangs as I assume Vallery disposed of the last balloons left, she'd come back into the kitchen and put another handful into the pot wash bin. Just as I was about to take the last bin bag out she came through the restaurant door with her coat and bag. "Are you ok for getting home Curly? I'm going through town if you want a lift?" I looked up briefly to see her gorgeous smiling eyes locked on me, christ I wish I didn't over think everything so much! "I'm good Vallery. But thanks though, nice one" I'm such a dweeb! "You sure dude? I don't mind" she replied. "Yeah no its cool honest" I managed to look her in the eye as I shot her a friendly smile. "Ok sweety, See you Thursday if you're on. Byeee" She smiled so sweetly at me as she left through the door to the bar I could have sworn she liked me but as usual, I convinced myself I was just being wet behind the ears and off I went. That was a night I'll never forget I can tell you! The emotions, the pure adrenaline christ what a fucking mess! And all from something so small, so innocent, so NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEXY!

Working that job in that hotel put me through plenty of those situations! Another such time was on a really quiet Sunday night. There'd been about 10 covers all night in the restaurant. It was dead. Vallery was not on this night, it was no more than a week after that initial incident. The girl I'd mentioned previously, Emily from primary school, was working with another girl, Liz on the bar. Liz was about 6 ft, bronze red hair, real good figure for her height, what you tend to call a real stunner! I had a bit of a thing for Liz, hell I had a bit of a thing for about 8 of the girls who worked there! I was a shy 16 year old guy in absolute heaven! Anyway - we're not really here to talk about all the girls I liked when I was younger, we'd be here for months! There had been a table of 6 in the restaurant which meant very little to me all night until at around quarter past 11. Callum, the chef working that night had left and Emily was cleaning down the restaurant on her own. The duty manager was covering reception as the receptionist had gone home under the weather. I was mopping when Emily walked into the kitchen carry a bouquet of 10 helium balloons. At the time I didn't know a great deal about sizes, they were your average size, not the cheap small ones you'd get at local shops I later learned to call these as 12". She was stunning was Emily, I'd fancied her all through primary school, and once I found she was still around once I started working at the hotel, immediately fancied her all over again! She'd matured brilliantly but still had those beautiful blue eyes and that sweet innocent expression that I'd fallen head over heels for aged 6 (chortle). She walked over to the cutlery polishing station and placed *the bouquet down. "Hey Adam, could you get rid of these for me please? I need to go lay out the breakfast bar" she looked me in the eye with that sweet look awaiting my confirmation of her request. Now as I'd mentioned, we went to school together, and as I'd also mentioned, I was awkward around balloons in school! Primary school tends to be where a lot of my phobic balloon memories reside and with it being a relatively small school in a relatively small town, Emily and I were in the same class. Surely she wouldn't remember a silly little detail like my not liking balloons, even if she did, which surely she wouldn't, *she'd assume that I'd grown the hell out of such a silly little phobia. Truth is I'm sure none of this even crossed her mind! "Erm... Yeah sure" she smiled "thanks darling" back into the restaurant she went. I carried on mopping wondering what to do with this situation! I considered just putting them into the bin outside and then throwing the bin bags from the kitchen *in on top of them. That would take up too much room, but surely some would burst from the weight of the rubbish on top!? What if I just hurry up, finish up and pretend that I forgot? I walked over to the cutlery station and glanced at them as I walked past. WINNER! They seem to be only half knotted! Or at least some of them do! I grab the ribbons and take them down to the bottom end of the kitchen. Maybe if I can find some privacy, I can just undo the knots and then I can take them home and have some fun in privacy, safely away from people. My parents were out all day on a Monday and I had no work until 6pm. So I to them down the back corridor where the walk in fridge and the big pots and pans were kept and started to untie them. I'd managed three and come across two fully tied when i heard the restaurant door go. I froze, silently listening for the sound of flat soles on the kitchen tiles. Grabbing the three that I'd managed to salvage and stuffing them in to my pocket I quickly walked back up into the kitchen and started to empty the nearest bin. Liz was at the cutlery station polishing the small amount of cutlery that was left. I continued to empty bins. "Alwight Curly?" She asked in that cute fake South London accent she often did. "Aye I'm living the dream Liz, you know me! You got much left to do?" Just trying to make conversation. Just as soon as she opens her mouth to answer, there's an almighty bang from the bottom of the kitchen, I almost jump out of my skin, before I have time to think, there's another ear piercingly loud bang that echos through the kitchen. I flinch again... BANG! A third. "What the fuck!?" Exclaims Liz, *looking as surprised as me. "I have no idea" I offer a bleakly false reply as we both head down to the bottom of the kitchen to investigate. As *I step down the step into the back corridor my stomach is in my throat afraid of what fresh hell I'm about to uncover with Liz to witness my demise when it all comes out. To my utter surprise, as I turn the corner, fully expecting to see what's left of the balloons that I left there and whatever or whomever it was that caused three to burst, I'm faced with an empty corridor. Liz follows, I turn to look at her "what the he'll was that!?" I ask. "Who knows dude, ghosts innit" she nonchalantly brushes the whole thing off, just like that. We both turn and continue back to the top of the kitchen, I quickly glance back as I turn the corner. Nope, definitely nothing there, no remains, no ribbon, nothing! I'm proper shaken up by this now! Hopefully not visibly. What the hell *happened!? Where are those balloons I left!? The only assumption I can muster is that Emily or even Claire on reception must have somehow got back there when I didn't see, or maybe through the back door in the corridor right next to where I left the balloons. But then, why burst 3 and not all of them? Why burst any at all? None of it was adding up and it was messing with my head! "I'm more or less done dude if you want a lift" I looked up from the bin I was emptying to see Liz looking over at me from the cutlery. "It's ok Liz I'm probably gonna be another ten minutes or so but I'm going to a mates tonight anyway. Thanks though, that's dead nice of you" I force a smile out as she reaches for the door "ok babe dont say i didnt offer" she winks as she turns and the door closes behind her. I take the bin bags out that I've already removed from the bins. Whilst I'm at the bins I quickly scan the area for any sign of those balloons I left in the back corridor. No sign. Back in the kitchen I empty the last 2 bins including the pot wash bin. As I remove the bag from the pot was bin I notice a mess of curly ribbon and some large gold and pink shreds of latex. A rush of adrenaline hits me again. I quickly scrunch up the top of the bag and hoist it over my shoulder. As I walk out of the pot wash area the restaurant door swings and in walks Emily cool as anything. She looks at me and smiles that sweet little smile of hers. "You ok?" She asks, her smile turning up on one side of her mouth. "You're white as a sheet!" "I'm sound yeah" I stutter " I was chatting to Liz a second ago and there was a really loud noise from down there" I motion to the back corridor. "Ooh yes I heard that from the restaurant, *I just assumed it was you getting rid of those balloons for me. Was it not!?" I could swear she was fucking with me, she looked so innocent and honest in her reply until she said "was it not?" Then her eyes seemed to momentarily light up, like sparking almost. "No it wasn't me, I'd already got rid! It was weird" I lied. "That is weird!" she agreed. "Oh well, I'm pretty much done, just gotta grab my stuff and do my time sheet. *You wanna walk with me or you still busy? "I just gotta take these last bags out and I'm done too to be fair, I'm going a mates tonight but I can walk with you if you'd like?" "Ok I'll meet you out back. Just give me a sec" She glided through the door towards the bar and I carried on to the outside door to the bins.*

I started to roll a smoke near the bins and a few moments later Emily appeared out of the bars back door. "Two seconds" she chirped as she disappeared back inside. She wasn't lying, just as quick as she had retreated back inside, she reappeared, *to my horror and excitement, she was carrying 4 12" helium balloons on ribbons! She walked right up to me staring me right in the eye the whole time with a knowing, almost evil grin on her face where that innocent smile had once been. "Come on then" she ushered as she passed my side. I stood for a second in shock, my jaw feeling heavy, my eyes glued on her. She stopped and turned to look at me, her blonde curls accented by the moon, her eyes locked onto mine, her eyebrows ever so slightly furrowed causing a hint of deviance across her face, "well? Are you coming? I've spent enough time here tonight, I'm done!" I quickly level up to her whilst i fidget with my half rolled cigarette and we set off up the driveway. "Can I have one?" She asks, gesturing to my roll with her eyes, still with that slight grin curled into her lips. "Sure. Here" I pass her the one I've just finished and begin to roll another "I'm afraid it's not the best roll" she looks up at me with that wicked smile still. "Distracted were we?" I look down at her in awe as she gestures for a light. "Do you like my pretty balloons?" I pass her the lighter unable to look her in the eye. "I thought you'd said you'd gotten rid of them!? Yet here they are!" I was rock hard and pretty sure I was about to either make a huge mess and massively embarrass myself or have a cardiac arrest. "What's up Adam? You scared of these balloons? You scared like you used to be back in school?" I didn't know what to do or say, I just continued walking trying to will myself to look at her, overly aware of her eyes burning holes into the side of my face. All I could think to do was utter a sulky "no!?" I instantly felt so small, just like school again. "No!?" She repeated, questioning my obviously defensive answer. "Something tells me you're lying Curly!", "something tells me you've found yourself in a bit of a situation and you don't know what to do! I remember how you were at school, always asking to go to the toilet or saying you felt ill whenever balloons were around in lesson! And then I saw the look on your face earlier when I asked you *to get rid of these for me. Not to mention how you've been acting since I burst those three in the back!" I looked up sheepishly, "I knew that was you! Why! What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?" I blurted. *I couldn't take it, I felt like lurching in to kiss her but my stupid lack of self esteem would never allow it! I was on cloud nine yet also in the depths of hell at the same time! "You shouldn't be scared around me Adam, we've known each other since we were little kids!" Her eyes fiercely drilling into mine, I couldn't escape her stare, I couldn't look away. She lit up her smoke and took a slow drag, *then with her eyes still locked on mine, slowly extended her hand out towards the bouquet. I glanced as her hand slowly approached a gold balloon. *My eyes met hers again and she could sense my unease, her eyes narrowed and her grin widened, "What's up hun?" the whole time her hand getting closer to that balloon. "You know I'm going to burst it, so why be scared?" *she asked menacingly. I glanced at her hand again, *the cherry of her cigarette was practically touching the tight skin of the almost overinflated balloon. My eyes wide, darted back to hers just in time. BANG! The sound of the balloon bursting ricocheted off the buildings and trees as sparks erupted from the end of her cigarette. She didn't even blink let alone flinch, eyes still locked furiously on mine! I jumped a mile, my head twitched and I must have looked so stupid as she just stood there and giggled, still watching my every reaction. "See? I burst it, I made it go BANG and you don't see me scared" she accented the word. "You're fun" she giggled with delight. She continued "you know these are only half tied right?" The look in her eye suggested my worst nightmare but it was already too late. What was i going to do? Run off? "Remember that time in year 4 when Mrs Davis was teaching us about kenetic energy with string and balloons? And I volunteered to blow the balloon up but I blew it too much and it burst, you jumped so much and then ran into the cloakroom?" It was one of the most embarrassing yet exciting and confusing days of my younger school life! How could I forget!? She took another balloon and went about about pulling the half knot out. Her gaze still on me, she brought the already full balloon up to her lips. Just before releasing a lung full into the balloon she winked at me and said "this time it'll be no accident! This time I'm gonna blow it up until i burst it on purpose!" Jesus christ this was too much! She put 3 more breaths into the balloon, one hand on the mouthpiece, the other on the neck where it began to round out before bringing it away from her mouth. She held it out in front of her towards me, I stood silent, watching every little change in her expression. *"What do you think Adam? One more before it pops? One more breath before I burst it? I bet it'll be loud, they're always louder when you blow them up till they go pop" She grinned deviously before returning it to her lips and releasing a slow but deep breath. 'PphhhffffffffffffPOP - it shredded into confetti as she giggled again. "Told you" she boasted with that cheeky smile, "God I love that sound! Isn't it just the best thing about balloons?" She asked. "What's wrong hunny? *You look like I just threatened to kill your dog or something!" I didn't know what to say, I just stood there stuttering like a politician put on the spot! "Emil..." She didn't let me finish "see I happen to think you have about dirty little secret, AND I think I know what it is!" I had to stop her, this was unbearable! I went to put my right hand behind her neck to kiss her but she side swerved "Not so fast cassanova! I still have these two balloons left, besides, you've not even bought me dinner! What kind of girl do you take me for!?" That devilish grin crept across her beautiful face again. *"Now then, decisions decisions..." She tapped her fingers on one of the two balloons that were now clearly awaiting their iminent demise. "This turns you on doesn't it Adam. This makes you want to fuck me right here yeah? Me bursting these balloons is making you hard isn't it!?" Her eyes fell to my crotch and she bit her lip seductively as what she saw confirmed everything she'd just said. She smiled wickedly as her eyes slowly rose back up to meet mine. "You kinky bugger, I knew it! You've really blown it now!" She said immediately untying another balloon. "What am I going to do with you Mr balloon boy?" She asked teasingly "In know what I'm going to do with these, but what about you!?" And with that, she brought the blue balloon she had just untied up to her lips and blew 4 huge consecutive breaths into it. The neck was distorted as the balloon creaked in her hand "Do you want me to Blow you instea..."BANG! The balloon she had been holding was now lying in shreds on the floor. "Well that's not fair! I wasn't blowing! She untied the last balloon and sucked in a lung full of helium "good job I've got one more" she squeaked. Laughing, she let the rest of the helium out and started to blow "I was going to ask if you rather I blow you than the balloon before it rudely enterupted me! I guess it got what it go deserved though" she said looking at me with that wicked smile. "Well? Would you?" She continued to blow. What should I say!? Of course I do but what if she laughed at me, if be so embarrassed and ashamed, if don't think if could take the rejection! "You best hurry up and tell me baby cus this balloon ain't gonna last much longer!" She continued to blow and almost instantly the balloon burst into tiny pieces with a deafening pop. "Oh well, times up! I guess you'll just have to walk me home then balloon boy". She smiled that evil smile at me, took my hand and pulled me forwards as she started up the drive leaving a mess of ribbon and latex on the floor where we were stood. I suddenly realised that we were still outside the back of the hotel. With everything that had just happened I'd become oblivious to my surroundings! "So... Adam. I was wondering how far a girl like you might go on a second date? The cheeky expression on her face pushed me over the edge and I lunged. My hand around the base of the back of her neck, my lips firmly pressed on hers. Her hair felt so soft in my hand, her sweet perfume swirling around us as we kissed. I felt her hands explore my back as if looking for somewhere to cling on as she pressed herself into me. She intensified the kiss, faster, sloppy tongues and lips writhing, I broke away and pushed my forehead on hers, eyes locked. "WOW" I was lost for words! We walked, stopping every few meters for another passionate exchange. As we approached her house she turned to me "take your shoes off at the door" biting her lip again, *eyes locked on mine with a look of pure lust "my parents are away and we've got unfinished business"

Needless to say, I didn't meet up with my friend that night

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Default Re: A day in the life of
Very exciting! I love it when the mix of fear and lust is mixed like that, especially when you have a character teasing another and you got that part done really well.
Just use more line breaks next time please. It was a bit difficult to follow the text with such huge paragraphs
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Default Re: A day in the life of
WONDERFULL. looks and feels very real. Very original too.
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