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Default Re: Do you still have fear of popping?
Originally Posted by Angstypopper View Post
Yes, I still do have a fear (or uncomfortable feeling) of popping balloons but the more balloons I actually pop the more comfortable I get doing it. Sometimes I am even able to do several BTPs in row (personal highlight for me). Another big factor is if I am truly alone and therefore unhindered.

The problem is the time I need to invest to get to a comfortable level. Since I am living in a multi-apartment building I simply cannot get back to a bearable level

I have experienced very much the same over the years, and it definitely took quite a some time for me as well. It is somehow about desensibilizing oneself really, and that is a slow process. However it can also be also quite an exciting and plesant one. I never lost the fear completely - well, maybe the really unpleasant fear, but some anxiety remains. Actually I think almost everybody will jump a little when a balloon pops, - at least 'inside', and blowing up a balloon until it pops and knowing how it will end will probably also make most people somewhat nervous during the inflation. At least this is how it works for me. The big difference from earlier is the way I interprete the anxiety. Earlier I felt it as fear and got scared, - now I feel it more like thrill, which is a highly pleasant feeling.

You have already come quite a long way as far as I can judge, and besides the first couple of blow to pops are by far the hardest. It is not really as scary as it seems when just thinking of it, but you have to try it to know this of course. Having already managed this you are close to 'tipping over' becoming thrilled instead of anxious I think.
Now I don't know if you started out being really phobic, but if you did, you have definitely come a very long way and done an admirable job.

Don't expect to loose your fear BTW. It is quite enough to learn to control it, - besides who would want to loose the thrill?

Keep going with your practising and take your time and be patient - you will succeed at the end! Promise!

BTW - You don't have to pop the balloons every time - blowing them up really big so you start to feel the risk of popping (and maybe a few extra blows) will also help you along. If now and then a balloon should pop, - well, it is not so easy to exactly pinpoint where sounds come from, so the neighbours probably won't know for sure what and from where If it is only an occasional pop it is quite likely they won't pay much attention if any at all.
However if you want to pop more balloons in succession you need to find a place where you can be alone without worrying about the neighbours.

I cross my fingers for you - and have fun

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Default Re: Do you still have fear of popping?
When I was a child, I was also afraid, but I managed to overcome it even in childhood, more or less when I was about 5 years old, first I began to pin pop balloons, then I tried to step on them, and finally to sit to pop

After overcoming fear I loved sitting on the balloons, something I love to this day.

But the best experience came at age 14, when a friend and me burst more than 200 balloons after a party, I think I've been bursting about 50, mostly sitting on balloons, where I have a lot of fun.

It is possible to lose fear, just face it
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