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Default Balloon Pops in arenas/stadiums?
Who has experienced balloon pops at indoor arenas or stadiums? I'll share one as a phobic kid and recent years.

As a kid, we went to visit family in Houston, Texas and my Dad, Uncle and I went to see the Astros (baseball) at the Astrodome (hugh "at the time" indoor stadium). I loved baseball but little did I know they handed out big orange balloons to fans at the games (70's). You can guess, people are blowing up balloons all night long and random pops are happening and echoing all over the stadium. I'm scared to death. My Uncle doesn't understand; I think my Dad who's embarrassed his son is scared of balloons tells my Uncle I'm scared of balloons. I don't like people knowing I'm scared. But at the same time, I'm fascinated that so many people love balloons and laugh at the loud pops and I want to be like them. This group of 20 year old guys and girls are sitting near us and they have a bunch of balloons. All night they are blowing up balloons and popping them. Many of the girls are blowing them up to pop and seeing who can get the largest balloon before it explodes. They're laughing at the pops. I was so turned-on and scared at the same time. Wow!!!

Dallas has an indoor soccer team (Dallas Sidekicks) and they have a "Balloon Pop" tradition. The Sidekick dancers hand out uninflated balloons before the 4th quarter balloon pop. Everyone blows up their balloons and the announcer counts down, then everyone pops their balloons at the start of the 4th quarter. It is awesome!!! The people watching is spectacular. Fearless poppers, some BTP's, scared people, some cover their ears, etc. You see all types of popping. Of course, there are random pops all the rest of the game and even in the parking garage, etc. I love it!!! Seems like there are so few places/times when we can pop balloons in public and not raise suspicions.
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