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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
12 inch party balloons, and 14" belbals, love the sharpness of the bang i have to say
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Old 17-09-2018, 04:36 PM
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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
Originally Posted by balloons View Post
17 inch tuff tex, they go BOOM
All of them go boom in the end. Some like those and Qualatex 16" have a really violent boom.
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Old 18-09-2018, 04:43 AM
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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
Hi there,

I like most medium sized balloons. They all have certain ‘benefits’. Sometimes I long for a balloon that gets really tight and pop with a loud and sharp bang like the Qualatex 11” or the Belbal 14” (12” Belbals are great too), other times am just aching for a big beautiful balloon like Tuftex 17”or 24”, and other times again it greatly appeals to me blowing up balloons of unknown brand, because I don’t have any experience with how big and how tight they will go, before they end up with a loud bang.
However if I were to choose one exact kind of balloon, I think Qualatex 16” (in crystal colors) would be the one. These balloons sort of have it all, when it comes to blowing up balloons until they pop: they get really big without taking all too long to blow up, their colors are so beautiful, they get very tight and burst with a loud bang into lots and lots of tiny shreds. What more could I wish for?
I think though, that after a while I would long for some of the other great balloons out there, maybe the 14” Belbals with the amazing neck, the 14” Tuftexs that get so incredibly big for their uninflated size, the super strong 18” Qualatex stuffing balloons, that really represent a tough challenge or actually whatever balloon that has something cool to it (which goes for most balloons BTW) - not to mention that ‘odd one out balloon’ that just keeps growing and growing far beyond what could ever be imagined. There are so many great balloons!

At the end I cannot help mentioning how much I wish the 14” Qualatex balloons hadn’t been discontinued. Those balloons were absolutely incredible I still have a few of them, but my balloons have a tendency to disappear, so the last ones will soon be no more. I still wonder why Qualatex stopped making them or rather why they didn’t sell enough of them to not keep producing them. They were just as pretty as the 16”ers, got almost as big, and they must have been very durable for decorations and such. Besides they got incredibly tight and popped with a deafening bang. Maybe they were too similar to their 16”ers, so that Qualatex just didn’t wanted to compete with themselves so to speak. No matter what it’s a shame that the 14” Qtex are no longer made. I even miss them more than their 24”ers, but I am quite sure that within ‘our circles’ the 24”ers have more ‘fans’ as they probably appeal(ed) to a broader variety of balloon preferences than ‘blow to poppers’ like me.

Well, I think I have already babbled enough about this, and I also know I have written about the same issue earlier, so I better end....

Thank you for having the patience to have read my posting this far


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Old 19-09-2018, 04:14 PM
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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
For me, the louder the better! So, Qualatex 11" and 16" are great because they normally get very tight before bursting. Love the shiny jewel tones. Fresh Tuftex 17" are very good too.
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Old 27-09-2018, 01:26 AM
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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
16 inch ballon im love it
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Old 19-10-2018, 09:12 PM
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Default Re: Favorite B2P balloon??
q24 and the stripy sa can't beet the challenge and anticipation of when it will go.
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