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Default Re: What age was your 1st pop?
First unintentional pop for me was around 3 years old. Playing with a large (probably 14 inch) yellow balloon tossing it around outside and it got caught in a gust of wind and blew onto the grass where I chased after it bouncing along the grass and it popped after a few bounces. That single moment was the first trigger for my fetish to root in.

My first intentional pop was a pink 12 inch “its a girl” helium balloon from a relatives baby shower. Pulled it down hugged it played a little with it watched it bob around as i pulled the ribbon. Finally I decided to sit on it and bounce. The balloon I remember being pretty well inflated, to a nice pear shape. I remember watching the neck bulge out behind me and about 4 or 5 bounces it went bam! This I consider the second trigger in my fetish

Today I am more of a semi popper. I prefer getting the balloon to the edge of popping but not actual pop it...unless it just happens!
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