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Default Transformation fantasies about balloons
Do you ever fantasize about becoming a balloon? What situation would you place yourself in? What do you think it would feel like? Would you mind if you got popped? How would that happen to you if you could choose?

My wife knows of my “balloon thing” and while not turned on by balloons herself, she loves to tease me. We were at a carnival years back and she decided to play the “Balloon Water Race.” She played twice and won twice. The last balloon she popped was yellow (my favorite color). I noticed during the game the look of concentration on her face before the balloon burst into shreds that stuck to the back wall of the game. I said to her, “look how that balloon shredded!” She replied “oh dear, he had a catastrophe- poor thing.” That line has stuck with me over the years....I have fantasized what it would be like to experience actually being that yellow balloon. I wrote a story years back loosely based on these fantasies which is posted on this board in the story section. My wife has often playfully but forcibly popped other balloons over the years and always lets me know in a subtle manner that she knows it turns me on. I often consider these balloons “lucky” despite meeting their demise. Maybe I need to write some more stories!

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Default Re: Transformation fantasies about balloons
Can I just say how lucky you are?
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