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Default No loud pops?
So, I know what you're thinking, why is this in the popping section? Well I've gotten an online friend very interested in balloons. But he lives in an apartment with his parents. Any tips (if any) to try and muffle the sound? I suggested maybe trying to pop them on a couch or a bed?
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Default Re: No loud pops?
Popping them under a duvet muffles the sound quite a lot, but it's just not quite the same.
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Default Re: No loud pops?
When I was younger and living at home, this was always a problem. I prefer to sit on balloons. I found that putting the balloon on the bed and covering much of it (that my bottom isn't touching) with a duvet cover and a pillow over the neck, deadens the sound quite a bit. I'd turn on the radio at a low volume to hide any squeaks.
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Default Re: No loud pops?
Put the balloons into your sleeping-bag; you will feel them and it will muffle tho pop...

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