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Default Re: You have a choice to make...
If they ain't burst during play

I only own large balloons- 24's, 36's, 72's, GL's and cloudburster's so I use zibi clips on their necks with these. But then there's something magical about allowing a balloon to slowly deflating after use...... I love all those tiny wrinkles that appear and grow as the latex contracts again.
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Default Re: You have a choice to make...
Before I could tie balloons I used to place a battery into the ballon neck and loop a rubber band through itself and tighten the neck, I could see the battery moving around while playing with the balloon, when I had enough I would loosen the rubber, take out the battery and leave the balloon fly around while deflating, it would be used another time. Later I used to hide 14"- 16" balloons under my bed and deflate the bigger ones, since then I halft knot all each time
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Default Re: You have a choice to make...
Depends. Usually with balloons I buy from BU. I put clips or bands on them. With grocery store or balloons I can easily get, I just pop them when they get too old or oxidized. I always keep balloons for a while inside one of my rooms, then get rid/untie them when needed.
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Default Re: You have a choice to make...
Well I deflate them if I have to get rid of them, but I am usually reluctant to do so. I value their existence (I believe in souls, and I believe objects have souls, as well as creatures), so I try to keep them for as long as possible, while making their existence (no matter how short or long) as pleasant as possible. I'd never dream of hurting a balloon, or an inflatable for that matter.
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