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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
I like to watch the BTP's the best - especially when you can tell that the person doing it is getting tired and the balloon is ready to bust!
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
Originally Posted by squash View Post
I have a real sitting fetish Katielynn; I'm glad that you like sitting on balloons. What are the emotions that go through your mind when you're doing it?
I like the juxtaposition between how soft and fragile the balloon can be at that moment and how rock hard it can feel against my body. It reminds me a lot if sex. I tend to like grinding on them more than sitting and bouncing with my bum.
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
That's a wonderful image, Katie! I noticed that you used the word "bum" instead of "ass", are you a UK girl?
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
I really love bare foot popping and sit popping. Something about those two always gets me going in an instant. I love feeling the balloon on my bare feet and being real rough until I end up with a loud pop! I also love seeing my fiancÚ popping barefoot as well. Seeing her pretty feet on a big balloon tying to make a loud pop really turns me on. And it's a mix of my foot fetish and balloon fetish together so it really is perfect IMO. Also, I really want to start trying more btp too but I'm a bit nervous about it but I love the really loud pop and the nervousness of not knowing when it will happen!
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
I don't really pop balloons, but I have popped a few inflatables before, and I can say that my choice method of popping in bouncing on them. Sometimes they won't pop for a while and you'll need to reinflate them some, but that just makes it so the fun can on longer. Beachballs are usually easier to pop than ride-ons, so blow or pump them up nice and tight, and they'll usually pop after a few good hard bounces. Ride-ons are more durable, so even when you over inflate them, they may take a while to pop. Now, I'm really not much of a popper, but even I get the urge once in a while, and the harder to pop the inflatable is, the more fun it is for me.
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
I've only done sit pops always have been my favorite
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
It depends on my mood.

For B2P I need my wife watching me ("You'r so brave!") and I really enjoy it. Popping balloons with pins looks like a cleanup so that's not my cup of tee but I do it if having the balloons disappeared fast. Sometimes I like to stomp on them or jumping on them or pressing them against some inappropriate thing: door handle, corner of the desk, etc. I also like to pop them with darts...
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Default Re: Your Favorite Way to Pop?
I've always liked watching B2P's but I get too anxious when I try to myself.

My first year in university (Not too long ago) my friend, who also was my neighbor, found this bag of balloons in his room that he had forgotten about. He brought it to my room and we blew them all up.

The balloons got left inflated in my room for a few days, I might have popped one or two because I felt like it, but eventually I wanted to get rid of them. I rolled a straw of some paper and made a dart with some cotton and a needle. Homemade blowgun!

I used this pop off all remaining balloons, which took some time until I got used to using the blowgun. All gone I decided to bring out some of my own balloons I had and blew up some more to shoot down!

Was a fun couple of days!
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