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Default Re: Favorite places
Well, obviously, have fun!

But if you want some more serious advice: if you're like me and -from what I can tell- many others on here and don't want others to know about you doing it, I suggest you wait until it's dark - the later, the better, but that strongly depends on where you live. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town in the countryside, so I normally just wait until around minight, then drive a bit out of town to a small dirt road well-hidden by a thick hedge and get started

So I suggest you wait until the streets are empty, then find yourself a nice, hidden spot to park your car with as little lightning as possible, like a dirt- or forest road (that can take a while - it took me three days of driving around to find mine), away from any houses if you're a popper, as cars are not nearly as soundproof as one might think.
Once you're there, well, I said it before: have fun!

Hope I could help at least a bit

EDIT: Also, if you're planning to pop some, I suggest you bring a flashlight, as finding and picking up shreds in your car will be hard, even moreso in the dark, and you wouldn't want potential passengers to find remains of your fun

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Default Re: Favorite places
I really appreciate the advice.
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