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Default Re: Weakspots?
Originally Posted by someloonerguy View Post
It's possible that the hole could have been patched. If I recall, you clean the area around the hole real well, then use (I think) rubber cement to glue a piece of another balloon over it. Hold the patch down onto the balloon with a spoon and put some weight on it. Wait for a couple of hours before trying to inflate it. I had a Geo Blossom that I tried this with some years ago and when I tried to blow it up the chamber that the hole was in actually inflated. It popped because of another defect when the next chamber started to inflate though (I know it was a different defect because the area around the patch didn't tear, it was on an entirely different part of the balloon.
Interesting, didn't know that, thanks for the tip! Haven't thrown it out yet so I'll try fixing it soon!
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