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Default 24" Paradise Beach Ball fun
I was at a local store yesterday and found they had 24" intex paradise beach balls. The kind with the pastel and clear panels on it. I havent really been on a beach ball kick but I picked one up and quickly paid and left. I see these particular beach balls in clips and thought I'd try it. They are sooo cute

Very pretty beach ball in my favorite size 24 inch. Alternating pink, clear, yellow, clear and pale green. Got home and got down to my boxers. Blew it up and its very stretchy and soft. I kept adding more and more air thinking I may pop it, it got tight but still with some stretch.

Tossed it up and down a few times and admired how it slowly fell back down, almost balloon like....ok well not as slow LOL!! Then got a little rougher, squeezed it and rubbed it to make creaky squeaky noises. I pressed against me and tried squeezing it in various ways. Adding more and more air as needed!

Then I really got "revved up" lolol got on top and straddled it between my legs and started slowly grinding and humping. the ball stretched and squeaked. My knees werent touching the ground on either side of the beach ball which is a huge turn on for me, supporting all my weight and pressing full onto all the right areas!

Thought for sure it would break and kept humping and grinding harder as I neared and experienced an amazing release! The ball didnt pop and I deflated it for another day . Sorry no pics. I dont do that kinda stuff, Im straight lolol
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