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Default Re: Telling about your fetish
I should get on to this board when I'm less intoxicated and able to type!

Congrats to all of us that have come out! My past experience with my wife was a beginning of tolerance at the beginning of the marriage to outright refusal at then end.

Since she left me, I have come out in public and now have a number of friends that know about it. Some I'm trying to hook up with. A few have been confused, but I've never experienced hostility. At the club even the other regular guys there know about it. One was trying to explain it to his friend when he bought me a drink and had me come over and explain it to his friend. They thought it was hilarious, but they were all for it.

I saw another friend and she gave me a pack of 10 9" balloons left over from a birthday party she helped with. She said, "They were going to throw these away and I thought of you. I thought you might at least enjoy them."

So ever experience I've had since coming out has been okay, to good, to great, to fucking awesome.

I took a lot of strength to come out from all of my gay friends that came out. Recently or years ago when being Gay was enough to get Ellen Degeneris fired. It's the same as getting horny as shit with balloons is no different that being gay.

So my advice to someone is for those people that are in your life that should probably know you are gay, tell them that you are/are not gay, but you also like balloons. If they shouldn't know...don't tell them. If it is someone that one day you want in a romantic way. Tell them. Even if they leave, you will probably be happier in the long run.
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