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Default Re: Will new year be going out with a bang? - short report...
Originally Posted by srob2 View Post
You should take all 12" and sneak in some 9" that have already been blown up once (or 14"'s and 12", etc). People who take a small balloon will wonder why it isn't getting as big as the others - boom!
Ha, ha - Clever! *giggles*

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Default Re: Will new year be going out with a bang?
Originally Posted by b0f0s0f View Post
Sounds excellent, let us know how it goes! Maybe put some balloons on the couches or chairs (if there are any) so that if someone wants to sit down they have to move the balloons. Just a good way to force people to have to interact with them, and therefore a larger chance that they'll play with them.
Sorry for the late reply. It went great thanks! Things were a little awkward at first... but then after a few drinks everyone took to it well and had great fun when I left a few uninflated 16"s laying around.
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