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Wink Back to roots: Remember how do you get horny before internet?
Now it's easy to search for loon videos in internet: youtube, vk, facebook, etc. You can find lots of videos of your preference to get horny in just seconds. It's so easy that you can easily forget how and what do you use to do in your childhood to get horny when you were alone. In my case, I remember to watch tv, trying to find some show with women doing some hot thing. It could be like a paid tv program with women using gym machines, game shows (specially those ones from E! where they make beach games in bikini) or even some sports (tennis, horse riding, fitness...). If all that wasn't available, I searched for some good butts in magazines or even comics :P
And, as the last resource, I had to use my mind to imagine some situation with some girl I used to like or friend, teacher, or people hot I remembered. I had a crush with a school teacher... She starred sooo many fantasies...
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Old 09-04-2018, 07:59 AM
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Default Re: Back to roots: Remember how do you get horny before internet?
Even longer ago than cable or satellite channels on TV we had 'magic' bushes near to school where you could find these rolled up magazines.....and being the 80's more often than not there'd be a photoset in each incorporating an inflatable (often Lilo's or may be a dinghy or some other pool float or relaxer).
Other than for a girl in my class that had similar interests to mine as it transpired I often thought I was pretty much alone in my lifestyle until I got myself online n the mid to late 90's.... my very first search using an AOL browser was for 'Life Jacket Fetish' and boom- a myriad of Yahoo Groups came back on my screen.... this was quickly followed by typing in for Balloons and Inflatables and I've never really looked back. It's funny how it's all evolved now when you think about it though. Magazines, BBS boards (sharing scanned images as blocky GIF's), then learning HTML coding to create your own little place in cyber space, finding others with the same interests, then the social media revolution really kicked in as technology advanced and look where we are now
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Default Re: Back to roots: Remember how do you get horny before internet?
Newspaper ads have always been nice for pictures of inflatables.

Oddly, internet porn vids aren't that much of a turn-on for me.
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