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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Thanks! I’m generally satisfied with what I purchase, I think long and hard before investing in a clip. I don’t run into as many duds as I did years ago as it’s easier to determine what’s the “real thing” in terms of what satisfies my fetish.

I’ll have to consider contacting a producer should I run into a tantalizing clip that I’m not sure about investing in. I know that blowing up a large inflatable by mouth can not only be hard, but also intimidating for some women. But I don’t want to pay the money to watch an electric pump do half the work.
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello everyone!
I've been going to write for a long time, but, unfortunately, there is not enough time. I live in Moscow, Russia. English is not my first language. It is quite difficult for me to write on it, so I apologize in advance for the mistakes.

A little about me... Since childhood I like inflatable toys very much, and, like many others, I had think that I'm the only one in whole world. For a long time I was content with my imagination. However, two and a half years ago, my crazy dreams came true.
I bought a giant inflatable dragon from "Hongyi". Maybe not the best toy in the world, but I still like it, no matter what. Since then, I have been bought a variety of toys. But in the end I came to the conclusion that I like big inflatable dragons. And I have three of those now. All of them are produced by "Hongyi".
In general, I found many ways to spend time with the inflatable dragon, but perhaps most of all I like to sleep on it, when it is not too tight inflated, and covering with a deflated dragon's wings.
I don't like balloons. In any form.
In general, to popping I am neutral. Sometimes I like to see how a beautiful girl destroys an inflatable toy, or read a beautiful story about it. However, it is not necessary to go too far - some of the videos or stories are bordering on the banal vandalism, that I hate.

Thank you for your attention! I hope that in the future I will be able to find time to tell a couple of my stories.
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