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Default Re: Your latest purchase
I would, just not sure how to off a mobile device.... I hardly use a computer these days.
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Default Re: Your latest purchase
Originally Posted by Big Thud Joe View Post
So I'll be taking the other three back, to exchange for one of those blow up surf boards for taking to bed. This one in the picture below is laid out on the store floor for inspecting the PVC. The blowing valve and the warning crap is on the otherside, so the pure white backing is absolute bliss.
I have one of these surf boards! They are superb, and actually make a great base for playing with other toys on top of. The printed surface is extremely squeaky and shiny, and there's even some sort of secondary internal chamber to make the board super rigid so it can be used for surfing I guess.

I also have a big inflatable ice lolly also made by intex and with a similar material / printing method. It's absolutely wonderful and I had a great time playing with it during a work trip recently!
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Default Re: Your latest purchase
Finally got around to buying some of these huge inflatable surf boards, Blew it up rock hard and in combination of that new smell, was in well being heaven the other night.

Just confirming the back is pure white with no valves or printing, and it's nice and shiny - absolutely love these, may go and get some more.

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