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Default Inflating in front of your parents
Since I was a child I strongly avoided every thing that could have lead to an inflation in front of my parents because I would have felt a strong shame (stronger than any other shame, for example that one from buying balloons or inflating in public).
And furthermore every time I see them inflating I feel a sort of disgust.
I explained this as a sort of avoidance of what I unwillingly recognise as a "fetish incest".
For example a lot of people are disgusted by seeing their parents having sex, therefore I think that what I feel is the fetish version of that.

So, have any of you ever had an experience like this? What is your explanation?
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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents
I agree entirely. The prospect of being caught in the act, was always mortifying. I think I'd of left home.

There were always close calls, however, that I deftly passed off as something innocent or explained/outright lied about the spotted object (s). Still cant believe they never walked in on me or caught on.

Buying balloons (inflatables in my case) was something I did in shame and felt the cashier and clerk saw right threw me. It had to be done in the heat of a full on binge craving for them.

Though, It required incredible self control to hide my interest and enjoyment swimming at family backyard parties when they were tossed in or floated on.

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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents
Lungs I know what you're talking about. I have never been in that situation before (because it was known and accepted that I was afraid of balloons when I was a little kid) but I could imagine it well and I would feel the same way. Even seeing one of them inflating a beach ball would probably make me uncomfortable, and I'm not even interested in non-balloon inflatables at all.

I think part of it for me was that my fetish stemmed from being terrified of balloons as a kid. When I hit puberty it suddenly became fascinating to see women (who at that age had just become fascinating) who were so attractive and appealing doing something that caused my brain so much distress (blowing balloons). This mix of feelings somehow made me see balloons as kind of a sexual power thing. I have a foot fetish too, maybe I'm just wired wrong

Now, to see someone I am not at all sexually attracted to interacting with balloons is just plain distressing to my brain with none of the arousing part, and even some of the disgust (as you would feel if, like you mentioned, you found your parents having sex). To be honest I (straight male) feel the same way about seeing other men inflating balloons, although less strongly so for some reason.
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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents
I know what you mean by this, and I haven't had many situation similar to this come up. I reserve all looning activities for when the house is empty, and there are otherwise no balloons in the house, and just an inflatable exercise ball (fun story!).

The last time I ran into this was at my cousin's 8th birthday party 2 years ago. The younger kids were having some trouble with the punching balloons (16") so I offered to blow them up for them. I simply told myself to "disconnect" the balloon from the fetish interest and do the task at hand.

The only other situation I can think of that's similar (that I've been through) is doing that trick with helium balloons to talk like Alvin and the Chipmunks. And before anyone comments saying that's dangerous or stupid or what not, I DON'T CARE. Usually it's just so fun when everyone's doing that that the fetish is not a concern at all.

In general, I would say that I am capable of doing balloon- and inflatable-related tasks for family people, and all I do is flip the "off switch" for the fetish, if that makes any sense.
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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents


Parents & balloons = gross
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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents
I can safely say I have always avoided any form of balloon interaction in front of all family and friends (apart from my wife). The thought makes me feel terrible and echo the thoughts of those posts above!!
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Default Re: Inflating in front of your parents
Thankfully, I have yet to have any balloon interaction with my family (with the exception of my older cousin who I have talked about on this forum before), but my friends, yes it has happened a few times. I went to a few parties where balloons were involved, but in order to protect myself from embarrassment, I try to keep my cool with my mates and refrain from interpreting the balloons in a sexual way. One time I went to a party when I was about 14 and stole a new bag of Q16's from a table, when all my mates were gone, shoving the bag into my backpack. I've yet to move out, but my mother and stepfather are out quite often so I get the opportunity to carry out balloon 'activities'.
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