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Default Is there connection to early swimming or a love for water?
For those of you who enjoy, among other qualities, the floating sensation or feeling of weightlessness while riding an inflatable, did you ever notice this also when simply floating in pool/pond on your back or treading water?

For me, its depth matters also. The deeper the better. Being suspended there, with that giant volume swirling all around your frame is incredible. And to search for bottom with your feet and find none---absolutely drives me wild!!

I ask because for me it partly had its origins in swimming. Something about the feeling of buoyancy in water. So much so, that I could hold breath and gently hang vertical in a swimming pool, bobbing gently, and have it a much a turn on as with an inflatable. Same went for lying on my back--I just loved it.

Later years at friend's homes, the first time I climbed on an inflatable pool gator or bobbed around in life jacket/water wings was mind blowing and I think partly sparked my interest.

Nowaday its largely this aspect I can't get enough off. I'd prefer to be in the water, which of course introduces problems of privacy whilst enjoying our hobby.

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Default Re: Is there connection to early swimming or a love for water?
I love the feeling of bein caried either by a balloon, a wetsuit or drysuit or a suit made out of modeling balloons. The feeling of being pulled upwards by these things when iīm slowly wading into a lake is so good. it gets even better when i start to float.
My favorite thing to float on is the GL1200 as iīve decribed in another theat.
Especialy when itīs windy and i just let the balloon take me where it wants to.
I guess this comes from a dream of flying.
I own a 12m2 Jojo kite that i have been playing with on the dunes by the north sea.
One day i tied the lines direcly on the bar and then pulled the kite up in the air over me.
Walking towards the dune I wasnīt aware that when the wind hits the dune it lifts up over the dune. The result was that i suddently was lifted at least 10 meters up in the air.
It was the most wonderfull feeling sitting in my harness and being pulled up in the air.
The only thing is that the conditoins have to be just right to do it and itīs a long drive.
I have the lakes near by and floating on the GL1200 gives me almost the felling of flying and i can wear latex doing it wich i love the feeling of. Not saying that i wonīt take my kite out when the conditions is right, but that would be without wearing latex.

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Default Re: Is there connection to early swimming or a love for water?
I get that feeling when i ride a pool noodle like a horse in the water. feels sooo good, i want a gl200
lover your loons forever
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Default Re: Is there connection to early swimming or a love for water?
I'm so jealous that you flew, scuba

But yes, floating over deep water on an inflatable, balloon or simply treading water is an amazing feeling
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