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Default Re: Your latest purchase
I really can't say anything against the quality of our dragoness. The material is soft and durable and she doesn't have any paint issues like the early Hongyi toys had. Unit price was 430$ for ours but that really depends on the specs, like size, pvc strenght etc.
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Default Re: Your latest purchase
Yesterday I bought $15NZD Bestway Jumbo Whale. She's beautiful, and I'm glad with my purchase, especially since she's so big for so little money, despite not being able to handle my body weight (or anything over that of a healthy weight 10 year old) on top of her. I also bought a whole lot of balloons (couldn't fit them all in my locking stash box), some 25cm regular color, some 30cm (no name brand) metallic loons (which aren't the highest quality), some punchballs (ones that I can't neck sadly), and some Unique animal shaped balloons which are crap. They are pretty of hard to inflate the ears evenly, and pop really easily, which isn't what I'm going for. Overall, I'm really happy with the Bestway Jumbo Whale (great bedtime companion) and some of the 30cm balloons are fairly easy to neck. I don't have pictures of the balloons though I do have some of Layla (the Whale).[IMG][/IMG]
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Default Re: Your latest purchase
Went passed a bargain shop yesterday on the way back from grocery shopping, with summer here in Australia, inflatables are coming and going. Saw these huge inflatable pine-apple rings. Pulled one out in the shop, and wow, when holding it up from the floor, it seemed to have come to my chin. I think from bottom to top these are about 160 to 170cm. Ended up buying three of them. Will have to deflate some of my other stuff before blowing up any of these, starting to run out of room in my small unit.

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Default Re: Your latest purchase
A 250 gallon inflatable pool for my collection, in the basement when my flat mates out. It takes an airbed nicely!
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Default Re: Your latest purchase
Got 2 old 72 inch bb I have been looking for since I saw Blown ups Claudia smoking Pooltoys 2 😈 And finally got them.
Not sure how to upload pics yet but I give it a try.
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