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Default Re: Ever seen someone you had a crush on blowing up a balloon?
No...but, toward the end of high school, I spotted a crush of mine inflating some sort of small inflatable a distance away. Inflatables aren't my thing but it stuck in my memory...
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Default Re: Ever seen someone you had a crush on blowing up a balloon?
Back in middle school, I had a crush on a Latina girl and apparently likes balloons. I would give her a bunch of random balloons every month or week. From crappy 12" grocery store brands to TT17's. One time during classes, we were doing some experiment with balloons. When she got her hands on one of them, she started blowing and it just turned me on instantly then B2P's it. I believe it was a 12" but hey, at least it was something.
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Smile Re: Ever seen someone you had a crush on blowing up a balloon?
When I was in High School, I was helping set up at a church youth group one night. One of my female friends was walking around with me on the upper level chatting with me while I was setting up. She asked if I had any balloons, and I just happened to know where some where. I took her over to the room and she ended up picking out a solid pink Q36. Then she spent the next 45 minutes following me while blowing it up to just over rated size and then deflating it and blowing it up again. Still is one of my most favorite memories. Her and I are still the best of friends to this day.
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Default Re: Ever seen someone you had a crush on blowing up a balloon?
In about 8th or 9th grade I was at a private dance party for one of my friends. His parents had decorated the dance floor with lots of 12 inch balloons. There was a girl at this party that I liked at the time; as the night went on with everyone dancing, balloons inevitably started getting popped. Since I'm a non-popper I was a bit uncomfortable with this, but it wasn't enough for me get too anxious and stop enjoying myself. As people started to get tired of dancing, and the music died down, my crush took two of the balloons close to her and started gently playing with them. She was obviously being very careful not to pop her balloons which was endearing and slightly arousing for me. As I was standing with her in a group of friends, she suddenly started pressing a balloon against her ear and laughing. This was even more of a turn-on for me. To top it off, she then called me aside and said "Listen to this." She then placed the balloon against my ear and told me to listen to how the balloon makes everything sound all fuzzy. I got red in the face and my boner grew to its full size as I simply let out a "Uh huh, I guess it does." She then put the other balloon up to her own ear and stared at me while laughing again. I think she ended up taking those balloons home with her. I'm not sure if she's a looner or I f she knew I was, but this is a cherished non-popper balloon memory that I've kept after all these years. I never dated the girl, but that's alright because since liking her, I've dated a few girls that have all been more than happy to fully indulge my fetish.
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