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Default Re: being brave
Originally Posted by Casey88 View Post

I am and have been a non-popper all my life, practically due to my phobic past. I love 14" and 16" balloons (Belbal and Qualatex).

I plan to be brave and attempt to pop some balloons. I have taken a few smaller 9" balloons from malls and shopping centres for this purpose only.

I dont want it to be loud, hence my plan is to leave it inflated and oxidise it on purpose for quite a while so the balloons become soft and the pop sound is expected to be muffled (dont want to use earplugs).

Any other tips or ideas ?
Oxidized balloons are unpredictable. I've tried this for easier b2p and sometimes they get a lot bigger than a fresh balloon.

Get a huge bag of 9" and a pin. Do 1 breath and stab it - not loud, kinda underwhelming. Try to get each balloon bigger before popping it.
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Default Re: being brave
You wont be able to b2p a fresh 9 inch, at least not by accident
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Default Re: being brave - great plan
Hi Casey,

Your plan seems all good to me. When you leave the balloons for a while you can easily feel when they start loosing their tightnes and begin getting kind of wobbely. When you pop them with a pin at this time they won’t make a loud bang - more like a poof or ‘flap’.
Later when you feel braver you can simply leave the balloons for a shorter periode of time before you pop them.
A little trick is to blow up quite some balloons, maybe 5 or 6, and when you feel the time has come to pop them, then pop them in rapid succession. You will most likely experience, that the first balloon takes by far the most determination to pop, and then it gets easier and easier - you may even find the last couple of balloons quite fun to pop.

Thank you for reading my posting.

Have fun

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