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Old 13-01-2019, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: Almost caught on my fetish :eek:
Originally Posted by BalloonBoyUK View Post
there'll be no way to trace the balloon shards back to you.
Depends if body fluids are on the balloon shards

Just kidding
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Old 13-01-2019, 09:57 PM
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Default Re: Almost caught on my fetish :eek:
if you are worried about people finding out that you like to pop balloon
just use black trash can liners and no one will find out.
that's what I use and no one has found out.
Ps. I am a non popper
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Old 14-01-2019, 12:26 AM
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Default Re: Almost caught on my fetish :eek:
The balloon thing aside, I don't think that it's unreasonable to say 'no' to that request, regardless of what is on your computer. Who the hell knows what they'd be doing? "Reset" a smartphone...why do you need a computer for that? Sounds fishy, and even if it isn't, not allowing strangers to plug things into your computer and download stuff and so on is just basic _safety_.

Anyway, I've got a few caught / almost caught stories, but one involving a computer actually involved some furry fetish wallpaper. Back in college, for some reason I don't remember now some other person was using my computer to follow along with whatever we were doing. The program crashed, and on Linux, the default crash handler just prints the words "Segmentation fault" to standard error. Thus, graphical programs that crash usually just disappear rather than any crash dialog (not so true now, but back then it was more common). So the window disappeared revealing my wallpaper. He just kind of had this 'wow, okay' look on his face but didn't say anything. I can't remember at this point if that ever affected his attitude towards me because I don't remember precisely when it happened.
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Old 15-01-2019, 01:53 PM
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Default Re: Almost caught on my fetish :eek:
Great to read your stories. That makes my day.

To come to non-fetish part of the story. I would never lend my laptop to others, unless I know I can trust them really well.

Normally, it's okay to help neighbours if they need some help, so I would let them in and try to help them solving there issues with there smartphone using my laptop.

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