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Default Health Effects
Ive posted this in 2 areas since im rather desperate for clues as to whats happening to me.

Has anyone ever noticed any health issues crop up during their years of looning from maybe overdoing it too much, Particularly in your face?

I ask because I believe I am.

Like some people, especially males, during sex your face will blush and get hot. Seems ive gotten a pattern of hyperpigmentation--little tiny light brown freckle- like spots across my face. And it happened suddenly. I think ive been at it too much and this is the cause.

And it happened during a particularly intense 3 month period of looning and inflatable riding.

Is there anyone here who has noticed a change in their face or complexion ?

Guys, Gals,..... anybody?
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Old 23-01-2017, 05:36 AM
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Default Re: Health Effects
I've never heard of it from something like that, as a bio-eng student the only thing that comes to mind is that you may be reacting to the latex due to long term exposure. If you're worried about it, go see a doctor
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