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Default Beverage casks - inflating the foil bladders inside.
I don't see this much on looner boards, most probably because beverage casks are an Australian invention, but am I the only one who likes inflating these bladders?

My first experience of getting hard was after a christmas party in the late 70s. A few wine casks sat empty on the kitchen bar after all the guests were gone, so when it came to my brother and I cleaning up the kitchen, the last thing was taking out the garbage. My brother asked if I could rip the boxes open and crush them. However before I did, the foil bags inside were pulled out, and out of curiosity as a ten year old would do, one of the bags were blown up.

Immediately I was drowning in an ocean of wonderful bliss, it felt intense and beautiful, but not having the vocabulary or knowing the terminology of describing what I was feeling, euphoria was the only way I could express such a sensation.

I took both of the bladders to bed, and well, this was my first forray into puberty, the child was about to become a man.

Generally these bladders feel at their best when freshly out of the box that there in, and particularly when they have come from the fridge. Being some sort of packaging, I would suspect for hygene purposes, the foil is coated in some form of antiseptic which further softens the foil. After touching and using these bladders, the antiseptic coating tends to wear off after a few days, where then the foil becomes somewhat hard and less desirable. After about three of four days they either get used as pillows on long train trips, or go into the bin.

When inflated, I love clawing my fingers, mainly my thumb into the foil as it scrunches. When fresh, this experience for me is my ultimate looning pleasure. Sometimes if I'm wearing thongs (scuffs or flip flops), I'll dig my toe nails into the side, and I guess here this is where you could call me a border line popper.

It's not so much I want to pop the cask, but the joy of digging my nails into that foil makes me white hot. I actually do hope during an experience that the plastic doesn't tear and that the bladder survives.

So I guess with all that said, just wondering if they are any other looners who love these inflatable beverage foil bladders?
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Default Re: Beverage casks - inflating the foil bladders inside.
We had a beer sphere at a party once..... a big rubbery pressurised ball full of beer inside a large cardboard box. Once the beer had almost gone we ripped the box open and had a game of drunken football with the beach ball sized bladder within till someone kicked it onto a fire we'd got lit n with a loud squeaky pop it was no more!
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