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Default lung power - hardest challenge you ever did
Hello, when you inflate balloons or inflatables, it sometimes happens that you need much lung power to do that. It may be because it is very hard to inflate something. Also it is possible that you want to inflate as fast as you can for example when doing a blowing competition against another person. Or you do the inflation under difficult conditions, for example I have already inflated an air mattress when I was lying on it at the same time what is of course more difficult than without a person on top of it.

What was for you the hardest challenge in inflating anything by mouth you ever have done? Why it was so difficult? What were you inflating at that time?
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Default Re: lung power - hardest challenge you ever did
The hardest I've had to blow was a very large plastic bag in a sleeping bag. I kept going, it getting tighter and tighter. At the end it was really hard to force any more air in but eventually it went bang. It was pretty loud as well. It was a lot harder to blow than any balloon.
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Default Re: lung power - hardest challenge you ever did
Probably some Q24s before I bought a pump. Not only are they relatively big, but the wide mouthpiece isn't the easiest to blow through.
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