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Arrow First looner short story
Disclaimer: I'm italian, and my english is not perfect. Sorry for any mistake.
That's my first try, hope you like it.

The room was cold, but she was touching her 17" balloon under the warm of the blanket.
She waited for this moment for all the day.
She, closing her eyes, put it in the mouth pushing it with the teeth, and she took a deep breath smelling the rubber. She didn't want to be listen from anyone else. Just her and the balloon. Sometimes she felt like there's someone with her, looking at her, even if she were alone. She had to blow with a delicate force, enough for inflate the balloon without any sound. One moment of esitation and she blew. One of her hand was touching the rubber, feeling it getting bigger, won by the air, the other hand was moving from her chest to the neck of the balloon. She could feel her heart beat faster as she emptied her lungs in the balloon, trapping inside every problem, thought or anxiety.
She felt relieved, now, nothing could bother her.
Breath over breath she felt the rising excitement with the pulse of her genitals. She loved the feeling of pushing the air in and at the same time the pushing back of the air against her mouth.
When the balloon was big enough she took off her underwear and rubbed the balloon on the pelvis.
She put her legs around the balloon, making it squeeze on her genitals and keep blowing, to feel the latex on her. An overcoming feeling of pleasure shake her body.
She wanted more.
So, she tied the balloon and changed position, to be able to ride it. As she sat the neck of the balloon became overinflated, she grabbed it and she began to stimulate herself riding the balloon. While riding, she took another balloon, immaculate white, and began to inflate it with the rapid breath she took between a pleasure wheeze and another. She blew. Hard. The noise of the air could be heard clearly. A drop of sweat fell down from her forehead. She hugged the balloon, pressing it on her chest. The beat of her heart was on the balloon, and as she blew the balloon pressed on her breast.
The first 17" balloon popped as she felt the burst of the orgasm.
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Default Re: First looner short story
Not a bad start. If you write a longer one I can help you correct any mistakes, pm me if you do.
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