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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 17

I went up to my room and deflated the big balloon and quickly popped the rest of the balloons, which actually was very weird to me as i never did this in my own house or room because of the noise it made. Wasnt the smartest thing to do as there were scraps of latex all over my floor of my room.

I took my time and cleaned it up properly still feeling quite silly and shocked about the whole endeavor i just went through. It gave me a warm and good feeling that at least my parents knew now for some reason, but it was also a bit scary on the other side my secret was now officially exposed and in the open. So now my parents actually knew about it and although it was good they offered me the support that they did and showed me loved regardless.

Somehow it also made me feel weird again and put the whole situation surrounding my fetish in whole different light and mindset. I also didnt know yet if i could do what i wanted to do in my room with my parents knowing or even being at home. This was all material i was contemplating while i was cleaning up.

I stashed away the big balloon and the balloons my mother gave me neatly in my metal box and moved my furniture back into my room. After i disposed of the balloon scraps in my garbage i went to wash up my hands and put some perfume on as i felt i still smelt like balloons.

Eventually i made my way downstairs and had some small talk with my mother, my father was outside puffing on his cigarette and i saw big clouds of smoke in the window. I went to him and he handed me a cigarette, "I know you smoke so you might as well have one now son" "Dont think for a moment i never noticed the missing cigarettes over the years" and he grabbed my cheek.

He went to the garage and he told me to follow him, so i did and he put on the radio and glared at me and started with

He: "Son i dont want to sound condescending or anything but seriously balloons ?" "I mean how, what?"
Me: "I sighed deeply and said "Yes dad for a long time already, it has become a part of my life and also my desires"
He "I dont understand it though has it something to do with not getting enough pleasures from sexual intercourse?"
"Because you and Irene, i mean she is a beautiful girl and you should have intercourse regularly by now am i right?"
Me: Yes ofcourse nothing to complain there at all thats all fantastic divine even, it has nothing to do with that dad" "This is a complete seperate thing that turns me on down there and also something that i very much enjoy as explained i really love balloons and yes i see them as a sexual object"
He: "I hope that doesnt mean you are going to replace normal intercourse for balloons is it, you cant live your life that you know"
Me: "I know that"
He: "Does Irene also know about this?
Me: "No she doesnt i think, although lets say that there might have been some events over the last years and since we were young that might have made her suspicious i dont know dad. Not like we ever talked about"
He: "If i was you son i honestly would think twice about telling anyone outside of this house, i know you two lovebirds are so serious it could last an eternity but how do you think she will react if she found about this? I dont think it will be pretty sadly to say son"
Me: "I dont know dad, wouldnt a person that loved me truly accept this. I know it isnt exactly a normal thing but it is also not disastrous i feel"
He: "I cant say son, i never dealt with this such a thing and i dont know how the world out there reacts to this type of thing, your a teenager that plays with balloons basically like a child no offense"
Me: "I think i know what you mean with that, i can only try to be careful as it is a part of who i am and perhaps now someone knows about it my wild adventures will also calm down"
He: "It should, do what you have to do son if that is what makes you happy, we cant stop you anyways soon you will be old enough to make your own decisions in life and we wont be there to tell you no"
He: "I guess we can only try to understand and accept it a bit, even though that is nearly impossible for us as you might get"
He: "Anyways enough said about the subject for now, go on to your party and stay out of trouble ok?"
Me: "Ok dad, thanks, cya"

I got out of the garage and headed back to Irene's, where people now slowly started to show up to the party. I walked by the balloons on my way in and it didnt really do anything for me. I dont know if i was just drained from what i did to myself that day or the exposure of my secret.
I just couldnt think about it like that on that moment for some reason and i went to find Irene.
I took her seperate for a little bit, caressed her, kissed her and told her how much i loved her.
She questioned me a bit where i was the whole time and i told her that i got held up at home when my parents came home and apologized.
I went outside to meet up with my friends and people i knew from school

To be continued
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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ******
I just want to use this space here in between to thank Vicci and the rest of the team and members for the support and help i received. As well as the kind messages. I appreciate that.

Few things that i have to sadly add again into this thread:

-This content is not suited for anyone under 18 or 21 in their respective countries.
-This content is personal and is a story about my life, experiences and struggles i encountered over a period of 32 years
-This content is written to fullest extent to provide an insight into the life of a person that has a balloon fetish
-This content is not intended for anyone that has no interests in balloon fetish, balloons in general and or an interest into fetishes
-Please do not redistribute this content, copy or in any other way alter this content for your personal or business use without prior written consent.
-I do not wish to be mocked, ridiculed, slandered or in any other way receive negativity of my life story, opinions or events that happened.

Please do not reply to this story or leave comments in the thread.
If you wish to speak to me, ill be happy to answer each personal message i receive to the best of my ability.


************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******
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