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Default Re: The best balloon fon non-poppers
Originally Posted by Bjorn View Post
At the moment I've got qualatex 16 inch balloons. All these balloons survived so far. It seems that it's possible to blow them bigger but I'm afraid to neck the balloons.

When I sat on the balloon, the balloon still gave a lot. Which in my opinion indicates that the balloon could have been inflated much bigger.
Blowing up the balloon was already very difficult, so I did not dare to blow through.

The balloon feels more exciting when I am sitting on it.

I am less satisfied with the Belbal 14 inch balloons.

I overinflated the balloon I little bit, which is less then maximum if I look at photo's and video's at youtube.

I bounced gently on the balloon. Then I bounced a little harder, the neck looks beautiful. But by that time it pops. Now I'm afraid to bounce the other Belbal balloons. Afraid to pop them too.

I did the same on qualatex balloon, which survived it. So I try to enjoy bouncing my qualatex balloons and don't think too much about the risk of popping it and enjoy the great feeling.

The Belbal balloons feels harder than the qualatex balloons, which feels less comfortable.

Couldnt agree more, love Q16s ! They are very strong and durable but difficult to neck/tie once its reached their rated size. Belbal 14s are good too but I prefer Q16 anytime !
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