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Default Introduction. Hello dear members of this forum!

I am happy of having found a community to have fun with balloons without having to rely on Facebook.
I am still semipopper, but I like the moment when it pops when I see it at others - but my first wanted b2p is already done.

After having lived in Europe for nearly 40 years I moved to the US on behalf of my employer to his US branch in New York City.

I like to hump balloons, to blow them as hard as possible (it feels so great when you really feel that the balloon does not want to get more air, it resists...).

Blowing big balloons in a sort of roulette style (each one puts 2 puffs into the balloon and then the other one continues - that suspense which blow will pop it...) would be my fantasy so far...
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Default Re: Introduction. Hello dear members of this forum!
dude i feel u balloon blower. humping big 36 inchers is soo funcking awesome
lover your loons forever
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