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Default Classifiying videos
in your opinion, what makes a balloon fetish related video look proffesional or amateur? is it the models? the amount of balloons? video plot(if added)?
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Old 22-04-2017, 01:48 PM
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Default Re: Classifiying videos
A bit of everything. The kind of balloons being used is one thing. If they use small balloons bought at a dollar-store, it often makes the video look unprofessional. In the worst cases I've seen, they've blown up a bunch of water balloons. Higher quality balloons makes it look like they've put more effort into the production. The amount of balloons used doesn't really make much difference, although I always appreciate there being balloons used as decorations in the background.

The location can also affect how professional a video looks. Filming in a garage or a bathroom (shower scenes excluded) gives the video a kind of cold, hard feeling I don't like. Personally I prefer a living room or a bedroom, with very little clutter around. Seeing picture frames and other personal things in a video makes things a bit weird. A clean set room can also work nicely, if there's a lot of balloons around, but at the same time they can be kind of boring.

The most important aspect is probably finding a suitable model. First and foremost the model must look like he or she is comfortable and is having fun. I've seen a couple of clips where the model is terrified of the balloons popping, clearly not enjoying herself, but is still seemingly forced to pop them (or even worse, having the cameraman pop them, but more about that later). That is a complete turn off for me and looks very unprofessional.
A bored looking model is also boring to watch. I've seen plenty of examples where a young, attractive model is being paid to play with balloons, but doesn't put any effort into looking like she's having fun with the balloons.
It also looks a lot better if the model takes the initiative to decide what to do with the balloons. It really breaks the immersion when the model suddenly turns to someone behind the camera with a confused look, wondering what he or she should do next. Having the model look directly into the camera is usually not a good thing either, unless the video is meant to break the fourth wall.

The "plot" is nearly as important as the model. This is very easy to get right, but some end up overcomplicating this aspect. The simplest way of doing it is to have the model just enjoying the balloons and leave it at that. It's nice and simple, and works almost every time.
Sometimes a simple video can end up just being boring though. For example, having the model sit pop a dozen 10" balloons on a chair, facing away from the camera, gets boring after the second bang. It's the same when you see a bunch of balloons on the floor and someone popping them with high heels, but you never get to see what this person looks like above the knees. Sure, it's probably an awesome video if you also have a foot or shoe fetish, but otherwise it gets a bit boring.
The thing that annoys me most is when you have a model shooting a balloon fetish video for the first time and he or she pretends to be a looner, spouting all kinds of nonsense. This usually gets really awkward, as they often mix up the expressions and misunderstands a lot of how the fetish really works. Of course, an experienced model with some acting skill can pull this off nicely.
Finally there's the cheating. Seeing a model trying to do a blow to pop or sit to pop, but popping the balloon by sneakily digging a nail into it is always disappointing. Part of what makes popping balloons in these ways fun, is that you make the most of them, pushing them to their absolute limits.

As a final note, there's outside interference. When I'm watching a balloon fetish video I want to be left alone with the girl(s) in front of the camera. Having the camera guy breathing heavily, suddenly start talking or even sticking his hand into view to touch a balloon feels really unprofessional to me. Personally I don't mind it as much if it's a woman behind the camera, but I still think it should be avoided.

Okay, that's enough ranting from me
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