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Old 07-07-2017, 09:02 AM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Originally Posted by BustinMakesMeFeelGood View Post
Hey all. I'm a bi guy and have been into balloons most of my life - and realized it was an official fetish when I was in college. Im in my 30s and live in the southeast US. I am a popper, and every time I play it usually ends in shreds of loons! I like the feel of the larger loons, but rarely have time to have a room full of large ones so I usually end up popping the 12s one-on-one. I also have a condom fetish and I have played with some inflates in the past. I'm on Skype if you ever want to chat!
Would love to chat with you on skype buddy.
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Old 07-07-2017, 01:53 PM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi there! My name is Matt and I'm from Brazil. I'm asexual and 37 years old.

I have been attracted to balloons since I was six years old, but repressed that desire until I was 25 when I discovered I was not the only one in the world who liked balloons. Since then I have had good moments of pleasure with balloons in my life.

My favourite brand is Qualatex. I love Q36 and Q24. I love ride and humping those balloons. I occasionally blow up 16" also. Blowing up balloons is a source of great pleasure for me.

Since I'm asexual, I do not have interest in woman neither man. I don't feel attracted for people. I don't know why, but I only like balloons.

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Old 07-07-2017, 11:51 PM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello I'm Luke, from the North West of the UK.
Have been a looner for maybe a couple years, but been stuck to fantasy mostly since don't live alone and do not have a partner for looning it up.
Got into it from a few different sources but if i had to be specific it was due to cartoons oddly.
Id say i am a popper and would love to try stuffing and inflating in pants and boxers or my partners panties should i ever find her in life.
Hoping for exchanging fantasies, ideas and advice in my time here
Hoping for the best
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Old 27-07-2017, 01:59 PM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello! Here is story of me and my life (regarding fetishhhhh :P )

I will call my self MrPopper. And.. Apparently I am a looner. It all started when I was a little kid. A balloon just popped, I got scared and my parents instead of comforting me they started laughing so I quickly became shy and scared of balloons.. Even if I blew balloon once (one breath, it would get a size of a fist) my heart would start beating very fast... After a while I realised that that fear of balloons is arousing, it makes my heart beat fast... So I started to get balloons and try to pop them. All that fear, the unknown of popping... It felt good. Unfortunately, all that lead to the fact that I have more than one fetish... About this maybe later but some of you might come to a conclusion of what other fetishes I have because somewhere in this forum there might be a hint

So currently my fear of even blowing up a balloon once lead to this day where I'm afraid of b2p but I can s2p, stomp them, b2p them IF using a tube and balloon is covered with a blanket. I really like to blow them as much as possible and seal them, sometimes make a cluster of them and either pin pop them or sit pop them. So basically I like to pop them In all different ways but the b2p. But maybe I will get there soon because Im not affraid any more to blow them up until they have a long neck
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Old 01-08-2017, 10:20 AM
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Smile Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello everyone! I'm from Norway and looking forward to meet friendly people here
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Old 01-08-2017, 10:25 AM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello new looner from Norway here Looking forward to chat and meet new fellow looners
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Old 04-08-2017, 10:47 AM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi there!

I am a looner (definitely popper!) from Southern Spain.

I think it all started by my fear of balloons and pyrothechnics. After a while I realised I felt a sexual attraction towards it, but I now know I undoubtedly have it, hehe.

I have always followed this forum, but never have joined it; I do it now!

Thank you all for your shared experiences and comments!

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Old 06-08-2017, 03:22 PM
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Red face Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi !
Im Kriss Rogue, a looner girl and also a camgirl !
ive made an account on here in 2015 but i didnt post much because life got in a the way but now i am back and i want to make more looner friends !
i have a snapchat if you want to add me and stay in contact is krissrogue !
Nice to meet you all and dont hesitate to drop me a message !

Since i cant make my own thread yet i hope i can post my links here if anyone wants to check them out !

i focus mainly on Balloon Fetish since i am a Looner and this is what i love to do but i make other kinds of videos as well and i always love to try no things so if you dont see somehting you are into in my store dont hesitate to drop me a message and make ur fantasy come true ! Text me here or on Twitter @KrissRogue / Instagram @KrissRogue / Snapchat @KrissRogue / Facebook

Video Store 1 :
Video Store 2 :
Live Chatroom :

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Old 10-08-2017, 11:07 AM
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hey everybody,
I just wanted to drop by and share my life story, well no actually, hold that, let's try that again.
I just wanted to share with you in detail how my fetish began, the highs, the lows even though there are very few, and a few memorable things.
First, introduction. I'm as of this writing, a 23 year old blind male looner. I have been blind since birth and have lived a mostly normal life. Intro out of the way, I'll start with how I think it all started out.
The first real moment I can remember going "Ok, this is different, I kind of like this," Was during what I think was a therapy session. I was slow to develop orientation and motor skills as a child, or so I was told. Something I can very vaguely remember from those sessions was the following, and keep in mind I'm going on memory.
One of the things a staff member would do with me, I can't remember her name or anything, was to sit on (what I perceived to be a giant) exercise or other type of vinyl ball. Keep in mind I was a very small person, so of course anything was giant to me then. She would set me on her lap, and rock and or gently bounce us both on the ball. That's about all I can remember from those sessions. I wish I could find this person now, to see what those sessions were for and if there was more my mind isn't recalling.
So then fast forward a few years to elementary school. I'm about 7 9 years old, probably the younger side of 8. I and the entire school had to take personal education, however it was divided up, some days a section would take PE, other days other electives as they were called. During PE we did the usual jogging, running, small weight lifting, group workout etc. But then there was the odd time we would perform activities. I can't recall them all, though there is one I do remember very well, and I think you guys will love this one.
I don't remember what it was actually called, though here is how it went. I and my classmates would split up into groups. One at a time the groups would be told to run laps around the field. As they ran, they were chased by an instructor pushing a very soft, though also very big vinyl or other ball. If you were tagged by it, you had to go over to a designated part of the field and sit. This continued until there were no more students. If you were in the tagged group, the instructor pushing the ball would revisit your group, and very gently roll the ball over you. Ok so I remember actually what the story behind this game was now that I've just typed that last sentence.
The story for this game was of a hungry giant feeding on humans. The ball was obviously the giant. And the ball rolling over someone was supposed to signify that person being eaten, though of course the game was nothing more than great fun for all who took part.
So then my first balloon related encounter. Well, special one, anyway. This takes place not too far ahead in time, I was probably about 9. I had just passed a classroom spelling test. Everyone who passed got a helium filled, probably 11 inch? balloon. A few of the kids did the "I gotta do this just because" thing, and popped it. I did the best to protect mine and succeeded as that day dragged on. The fear brought about by the pop was I think what got me to do the best I could to protect it away from others. By the way, these balloons were latex, just thought I'd say.
That night as I was laying in bed the smell of it made me bring it down and clutch it to myself. The stresses of that day seemed to melt away as the latex smell drifted in through my nose, and I was suddenly aware of something new, something different. This was something I hadn't felt since the days in therapy see above. I felt comfortable, relaxed, warm and, um. Protected? Sure, I'll go with that. I was inconsolable when the balloon was reduced to shards by a bratty neighborhood kid a few days later, and I wasn't even there to see it happen.
Fast forward a year later, I'm about 10. This is something I can remember very well. It was the last day of school for the summer, before we would be let off. This day was an activity day, which meant everyone was outside taking part in various activities that were set up. One activity I remember was a hopping race. Hoppers were used to get across certain parts of the course, and you would have to run on others. You couldn't interchange one for the other, as you would be out instantly if you did.
By the way, if there is someone out there who could help me find out what kinds of hoppers these were, the following might be of some use.
I can remember the handles were l shaped, almost like what you would get if you split open the modern closed handle on a hopper today. Very boring design, by the way
I do remember they were incredibly soft when I would sit on it. Almost as soft as a pillo, though I'm not sure they were fully inflated. For size, if I had to guess, I'd say probably 20 28 inches? And material, a very vinyl plasticy feeling material that's hard to describe.
Fast forward to a birthday party taking place at our home. I'm probably 12. I'm just discovering what the thing between my legs is for. As the party drags on, I sneak into the house and nab a few dozen balloons from a bag of asorted colors. These were the department store kind, but my god for my first supply of plentiful balloons, they were absolutely heaven. They were firm, yet had the softness that a lot of us love in balloons, round, very very round. At the time I didn't know how to tie (I still don't I use clips or bands) so my times were very short as my hand supporting the neck closed wouldn't last long.
I would love rubbing them against myself and squeezing them to my stomach. I would reuse them quite a lot, and is how my first and currently only pop happened. I'm very careful about what balloons I play with.
But anyway, I was inflating one I really loved, the latex was not very smooth, but my goodness it was soooooooooo soft! The latex was sticking to itself and was really not aging well, I didn't know any better at the time. So as luck would have it, some parts of it were inflating quicker than others, and before long pop! It wasn't loud, but it sure did scare me.
For a very long while after that I didn't have access to balloons or inflatables. In fact I only got a beach ball by attending a parade with my now exe, but even that was thrown out days later, reasons unknown. I had almost completely forgotten about my fascination until one day.
One day during this same exe's birthday party a friend put a balloon under her heel and told her to step on it. Yeah, it was loud as a pistol. And yes, she is also blind. And yes, I did pitch a tent, with my fingers in my ears. I don't think anyone noticed though.
After that was the last time I had access to inflatables of any kind. I was probably 15.
A few years later I'm a sophomore in high school. The summer of that year I spent working out for the marching band. I had been in it my freshman year, though decided to try and improve for the coming season. At my local gym I was liked quite a lot by the ladies, not entirely sure why honestly. The owner and her daughter would help me out around the place and ensure I was ok, even though I was just fine. And then my luck took a turn for the better.
As I was setting down some weights and finishing my routine my foot gently ran into an exercise ball in the corner next to me. I believe it was either a 55 or 65 cm one, probably 65. It was very ribbed, and oddly enough it wasn't entirely round. So anyway, I guess the owner's daughter discovered I was done and saw what I was up to. She came up to me and started as if to help me to my next station, though I stopped her by asking what the ball was for, even though I had a bit of an idea of it's purpose. She explained what it was used for, and asked me if I would like to try just sitting on it. Logically of course, I accepted the offer.
A few minutes later I was seated on it, next to what I perceived as two rather attractive ladies, the owner and her daughter. They were there just to make sure I wasn't going to fall off of it, even though I think it would have been a good laugh afterward. I did the best I could to hide my excitement, though as I resumed my workout at my next station them taking turns on the ball made things rather difficult.
Fast forward to the present day me. I have since built up a nice little stash of balloons, some qualatex, some by a brand called PMU, thanks to the internet. I have discovered this fascination has in fact turned sexual, though it's triggers are still somewhat vague. I am a very phobic non-popper, both for the noise and because I would never see it coming, even though I bet the rest of you sometimes don't either. Lol. I'm just comfortable inflating balloons 3 quarters of the way, though by that point my heart is racing and latex isn't the only thing hardening. I've just discovered the wonderful thing that are the q24s, though am extremely nervus around them. I like my balloons soft, and to me, qualatex q24s aren't the softest balloons I've encountered, even when barely inflated.
And so there is my life story as I remember it, well, my life story of my fascination with inflatables. I won't go into my actual life story, as I think it has nothing really interesting to say. If anyone really wants to know, let me know and I'll do the best I can to tell it.
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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hi everybody, my name is Sym. I'm 31, straight male from Hungary, but currently living in Austria. I like inflatables, latex clothes (mostly thin catsuites on girls only), balloons and pvc clothes, in this order, since my childhood. I'm a collector with more than 400 different inflatables (last counted in 2013, and since than, the count is raising yearly with 20-30 pieces), and about 3-4 kg of balloons.
I'm a semi-popper, this means, I don't pop my inflatables myself (or mostly not), but I like to see as the inflatables getting popped. Most exciting for me is, when I get in a situation, where my inflatables will pop, and I can't avoid it anymore. For example, to paddle with a pool boat in the sea on a day with large waves, and then slowly get near to the rocky shore until I can't get away anymore, and the waves pushing my boat against the rocks, and tearing it. As I'm a collector, I never destroy my inflatables completly. I always repair them. About the balloons, I like to watch videos where balloons get popped, but I don't like the loud boom in live.
I also like to wirte stories about inflatables and balloons.
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