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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Welcome Bill,

believe it or not, I still remember the Balloon Buddies site from back in the day although I'm only in my mid twenties. So you are kind of a pioner for our fetish to me.

Great to have you aboard. Maybe you could sahre some of your written fantasies from back then- this it did miss unfortunately.

And to pass the torch so to say: I'm also new to this place and this is my introduction.

As for many others here the fetish for me startet as a phobia of balloons. Or rather of the pop. But somtimes during puberty this nasty phobia turned into something more pleasurable.
So now I still don't really like the popping but very much enjoy the inflation process. Especially as it gets closer to the maximum and therfore more "dangerus".

Many of you have already guessed by now, English is a foreign language for me and I apologies for the probably many mistakes I'll make.

Antything more you'd like to know, please ask.
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