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Default Re: Floating on a GL 1200
Today I started out driving to the lake in the same outfit as last time. When I got there the point where I planed to start was occupied by some boyscouds so I went to the swimming spot and donned my Hydroglove suit. I inflated the balloon and stepped over it and waded into the lake. As soon as I got boyant and found the balance I padled out to the middle of the lake. The balloon felt nice and soft between my legs so I kept paddelig towords the middle of the lake.
The wind started to pick up a little so I just relaxed on the balloon and letted the wind push me across the lake. As I got tho middle of the lake the wind piced up even more and I was pushed more and more by the wind and the waves got a little bigger.
The part I sat on bumbed nicely against my crocth every time a wave hit the balloon.
As I got to the other side of the lake the wind has piked up even more. It felt realy cool, my journey was almost over.
I stepped of the balloon and deflated it. I then walked back to my starting point thinking about taking another trip, but the wind had picked up even more so I thought it was best to stop, but I canīt wait to do it again.
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