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Default Floating on a GL 1200
The GL 1200 is an awsome balloon, itīs realy strong and durable.
One day I decided to try to float on it in a lake. I figured that if I blew it up to half itīs sixe, I would be able to sit on it with my legs dangling on each side of it and still keep balace while floating.
I inflated it to half itīs size with my scuba tank and putted a clib on the neck. Then I stepped over the middle part of the balloon and slowly waded into the lake. As the water got deeper the ends of the balloon inflated more and the part I sat on almost deflated. I waded to deeper water an started floating in a seated posison.
It felt realy nice and the part I sat on was quite wide and soft. My balance was ok so I paddled to out to middle of th small lake.
There was a little wind so I just let it blow me around on the water. It felt like I was flying, almost like the balloon tried to lift me out of the water and it pressed nicely against my dick and but. It felt realy nice down there, only wearing swimming trunks. I floated around for about 2 hours.
I have also don this in colder weather wearing a latex catsuit, fleece suit and over it a Hydroglove rubber drysuit. It also felt nice, but my dream is to try it totaly naked when it gets warmer.
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