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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
It looks like this group has been around for about seven years. HOW DID I MISS IT? I've long been hoping to find a looner group that was actually big enough to use vBulletin or other forum-friendly software, and somebody just happened to mention this group in a post on the balloon "buddylist."

I'm not a popper but, no, the group name doesn't make me feel uneasy, and I'm not at all a "nazi" about not popping; I'm entirely down with the concept "to each his own." I've actually fantasized popfests before (not to mention eagerly witnessing one at a looners event in southeast Pennsylvania about a decade ago), but it's not something I'm likely to do...but, if I did pop, it would surely be via sit-popping, hug-popping, or stomping. No B2P for me, and popping with pins, fingernails, etc. is a little lame for my tastes, but again that's just me...

I recently moved to Chicago, and I found this fetish around 57 years ago during puberty. I was playing "hide the balloon" with somebody, and it was a small balloon (water-balloon sized?) and small enough to hide in my pants and...uh, it felt good. REALLY good...

Originally Posted by loonlover817 View Post
any good balloons in Kansas city?

I'm guessing there should be a Party City store in your vicinity. They have a decent selection of 24-inch balloons, which compare "reasonably" to Qualatex for durability, etc. - their balloons, even when inflated well, will easily take all of the bouncing 190 pounds that I can give them, without popping. I've never tried this with then inflated to the bulging neck; I don't need to.

Originally Posted by loonlover817 View Post
Hey i'm loonlover Ive had to have my fetish in secret...and hardly ever get balloons in our house.

My fantasy is to do a hot butt naked sit 2 pop with a girl.
Been there, done that - yeah. I endured a decade of fetish before finally being able to say goodbye to living with parents (or in a place quiet enough that there would be no issues with accidental popping).
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