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Default Re: Inflatable Anime Wolf

Registered to say I purchased the anime wolf. While the design is perfect - the material used to make it is either very toxic or I happen to be allergic to it (I've never had this issue with inflatables before). I have experience numbness just from contact with it.

I have an off cut of the material and I'm seeking to get it tested to find out what exactly is causing this.

I registered just to say beware! When I brought this issue to the manufacturers attention they went from saying it was non toxic, to agreeing the material contains chemicals, to again saying it was safe and non toxic. Hopefully if I have the tests done I'll have a case for demanding a refund...

It's a shame because no one else is making designs like this as far as I'm aware but sadly it's a case of it's too good to be true. Unless people are aware of others who received versions that were body safe and I got unlucky...
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