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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Originally Posted by Vicci View Post
Hello and welcome to my forums. My name is Vicci and I've loved balloons and inflatables for as long as I can remember.

I'm not a popper as such, but I really want to be one day - I will do it one day, one day! I've tried blowing to pop, but always have to stop when the balloon gets really tight - it's too scary
Vicci, great website! You've done an amazing job!

I think I might just have a solution for your balloon popping fear!

First of all, my name is Carlos, I'm from Texas, and I've been a looner since oh i don't know... like 12? Balloons are so much fun and I have a tendency to get my friends involved

I was really scared with popping for a long time too but I found out how to get over the fear. You might want to give this a try...

Grab a balloon and get comfortable and put on your headphones. Pick your favorite song on your ipod and turn up the volume to where you can't really hear much of anything besides music but of course without damaging your ears. Then, start blowing up your balloon. The more you get into your music the less you'll think about the balloon until before you know it, boom! You've done your first B2P! When you're comfortable with that, try lowering your music until eventually you can pop balloons all you want without being scared of the loud boom. You'll have lots more fun and it's always really exciting trying to get your balloons as big as possible without popping and if you go a little too far, well... thats just as fun!!

Let me know if this works out for you!
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