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Thought I would give everybody an update about what has happened since I told my parents about my balloon fetish...

Things could not be better as my bedroom floor is covered in balloons (and balloon fragments) and my parents no longer tell me that I am too old for balloons and to stop popping them. Still having difficulty talking about it with them and have to remind them why I need privacy from time to time.

I have also made the next big step and told my closest friends who often visit in order to avoid the "what are you doing with all these balloon" type questions. Their reaction was obviously shock as they didn't understand what the fetish meant to me. I had to do a little explaining there but they went away and researched it. Now they support me and some are even interested in learning more. Yes some people have started to make fun with waving balloons in front of me or pointing them out but I can control my urges in public so I just ignore them. Frankly if they want to mess about and make fun it just goes to show how immature they are and are not worth being taken seriously.

Only downside is that something feels off when I enjoy my balloons. Before I spoke up I could have a five minute session, do what blokes do, then go back to my normal day. Now I find myself taking longer to do my thing and exploring different methods like watching people in fur suits popping balloons but nothing feels the same. I still love balloons deeply and I think I have sussed the reason behind my lack of thrill. I think that it was the rush of the risk of being caught looking that helped me along my way to blowing my load. It could also be the fact that the balloons I use are the ones you get in the supermarket which quite surprisingly can last a long time and take a lot of punishment. If anybody can inform me of a good balloon brand that is not too expensive, I don't want to be bursting my university payment do I.

I could also use information on how to say to my parents that I need privacy. Everything I have tried fails so I have to monitor their location in the house as they work from home. I mean I can't exactly say "leave me alone for about 20 mins whilst I fuck the air out of my balloons" but that might be the only message they will understand.
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